4 Jul 2019, 13:00
When purchasing a steel-structured Best-Hall building to gain additional space or storage, every customer company receives a unique solution designed to suit the specific needs and location, instead of a collection of bulk components. As an example, the steel structure can be used as a framework for a district-heated and insulated production hall with a set of roof exhaust fans humming on top.
1 Apr 2019, 09:00
The time between identifying a need and that need becoming a reality is often very short and immediate solutions are required. This also applies to construction and space requirements: a new warehouse or production facility is needed immediately. Fortunately, quick solutions are also available.
20 Mar 2019, 08:01
Insufficient specification of initial data is one of the most typical stumbling blocks of building projects. In other words, people tend to place orders without proper plans.

Dr. Who

70 x 43 / 4.8-9.6 m Cardiff, United Kingdom

Arena Nordvest

187 x 73 / 4 m Kristiansund, Norway


99 x 60 / 3 m Kotka, Finland