29 Apr 2020, 15:00
The light of spring has finally brought the 120-day November to an end, despite the extraordinary circumstances gripping our world. The arrival of spring is always a good time to get an update on the situation of all kinds of properties from detached houses to large halls after winter and find out how they have fared through the ordeal. This blog post is intended to give you tips for charting the springtime maintenance needs of Best-Hall fabric buildings.
9 Oct 2019, 13:31
Painted steel frames in buildings endure even demanding conditions for decades. In addition to this, the painted surface has several other benefits for both the owner of the building and the environment.
4 Jul 2019, 13:00
When purchasing a steel-structured Best-Hall building to gain additional space or storage, every customer company receives a unique solution designed to suit the specific needs and location, instead of a collection of bulk components. As an example, the steel structure can be used as a framework for a district-heated and insulated production hall with a set of roof exhaust fans humming on top.
1 Apr 2019, 09:00
The time between identifying a need and that need becoming a reality is often very short and immediate solutions are required. This also applies to construction and space requirements: a new warehouse or production facility is needed immediately. Fortunately, quick solutions are also available.
20 Mar 2019, 08:01
Insufficient specification of initial data is one of the most typical stumbling blocks of building projects. In other words, people tend to place orders without proper plans.

Dr. Who

70 x 43 / 4.8-9.6 m Cardiff, United Kingdom

Arena Nordvest

187 x 73 / 4 m Kristiansund, Norway


99 x 60 / 3 m Kotka, Finland