A well-lit Best-Hall extends the working day

Does your team work during the darker seasons? Material handling is much more efficient in a light-framed Best-Hall building with bright LED lights than outside in the dark at the mercy of the elements.

We are now going through the darkest part of the year. It is dark when you drive to work and dark when you return home. In rainy weather, the wet black surface of the road absorbs much of the light, even if you have a set of decent LED headlights. In other words, visibility is extremely poor.

In addition to roads, the storage yards of many companies are dark and wet. Many of our customers have found that purchasing a Best-Hall building for the yard to protect the materials stored there and moving material handling activities into the well-lit hall takes care of many issues in one go. This ensures an efficiently illuminated workspace and protects the materials from the effects of wind and rain. Even wet sleet cannot get the products wet, which reduces wastage. 

fertilizer storage

Luminosity to match every need
Good LED lights combined with a light-coloured frame and white fabric will make the building an extremely well-lit workspace. Best-Hall’s total delivery includes purpose-built LED lighting to ensure sufficient luminosity. LEDs can be used to put together a lighting setup of any brightness level. The lighting in sports halls is significantly brighter than in storage halls, but even storage halls can be equipped with illumination of matching brightness.

You can choose white as the colour of the roof fabric, which ensures effective daylight penetration and enables you to turn off the lights during the day, even though the cost of energy-efficient LED lighting is very low. If white does not seem like a suitable roof colour, we also provide a special light grey fabric that lets even more light through than the white option. 

Bright and open space

The pillar-free structure of a Best-Hall building provides a large space for handling any materials. When there is no need to mind the structures, you can easily manoeuvre any items inside the building. A good example of this are the waste handling halls, which have been a hit especially in Switzerland. Swiss customers also tend to choose a light grey roof fabric that lets light through particularly well.

A sufficiently large hall with good lighting facilitates the handling of any material with large machinery, even during the dark hours of the day. Doorways that are large enough for all purposes ensure that even the largest items, such as shipbuilding industry components, can be brought inside. As the business expands, this provides affordable extra space for production or storage, such as at Salvos Finland.

If the scale of your operations is smaller, you can choose a smaller hall without losing the benefits of good illumination and no obstructing pillars. Currently, we supply most of our buildings as turnkey deliveries. Tolkkisten Kiinteistökehitys Oy’s pellet storage hall is a good example of a brightly-lit building that features enough room for large machinery.

Visit our online service at www.besthall.com to learn about our variety of solutions and find one that suits your needs. If you are unable to find what you are looking for, our sales experts are always ready to help. You can contact them through the online service or by calling us at +358 (0)6 832 5000 or +358 (0)20 781 0000. 

03.06.2021 | Article

High quality pvc-fabric

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