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We all have one thing in common: We all love fabric structures.

We have different tasks but we all share the enthusiasm for Fabric Structures and therefore what you will get is a building made with love.

We put our best effort to get you best building ever.

Please contact any of us and we'll make sure you will not regret your choice.
+358 6 8325000
Collinson Construction
UK and Ireland

Collinson Construction
+ 44 (0)1995 607495

Guido Buys
Benelux countries

Guido Buys
+32 (0)475 500 783
Kris Derison
+32 (0)499 970 537


Best-Hall tuotantohalli

Jorma Pennanen
+ 385 91 3241 500

Best-Hall Skessan

Jón Rúnar Haldórsson
+ 354 893 3023

Leif Fagernäs
Other countries

Leif Fagernäs
Sales Director

+ 358 50 542 9856

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