Best-Hall Basic

A standardised fabric structure to meet urgent needs for additional space

BEST-HALL Basic fabric structure

Are you in need of high-quality space on short notice?

Do you require a storage facility or more production space completed, preferably yesterday?

Best-Hall Basic is a standardised fabric structure you can begin using six weeks from the order. This standard Best-Hall structure is always available in our inventory, at least in semi-finished form.

Despite the short delivery time, Best-Hall Basic is of the same handcrafted Finnish quality as all of Best-Hall’s high-quality buildings, and it is made from the same premium European materials. The fast delivery is enabled by the efficient manufacturing process that has been honed with 45 years of experience, and by the standardised materials, equipment and frame widths.

The standard structures are produced in series, but options are also available. A Basic fabric building is available at widths of 12, 15 or 20 metres. The length can be anything with a 3-metre frame division. More than one of the standard colour options are also available.

When is the Basic fabric building the suitable choice?

The standardised Best-Hall Basic structure is suitable for storage and production when a well-ventilated and uninsulated building meets the needs. The dimensionally standardised fabric structures have been purchased for use as storage facilities, logistics facilities, timber warehouses and agricultural facilities.

The building can be either installed on a concrete foundation or anchored directly into asphalt using a special technique tested by VTT. The Basic solution shows its true strength when the building can be anchored directly into asphalt, since this usually makes the construction faster to complete.

When should I choose Best-Hall Basic?

Best-Hall Basic is a great fit when you need more high-quality interior space quickly and do not need anything beyond the basic features.

The Nopea structure can be delivered significantly faster than the Ketterä fabric building, which is customised and built to meet the special needs of each company: the standardised hall can be made available for use in 1.5 months, whereas the customised delivery, including design, will take 3–4 months. The standardised structure is also more affordable.

Moreover, the steel-framed fabric building is a perfect solution to fulfil temporary needs for space, because it can be easily dismantled and moved to another location or sold.

I would like a quote on a Basic structure

Basic Best-Hall Basic package

The standardised building includes the following basic solutions:

- a sliding door large enough for a lorry at the end of the building

- a personnel access door for the side of the building

- ventilation with a roof extractor fan

- the possibility to add a door at the other end

Other features can also be added (such as gutters, door canopies, etc.) to supplement the basic delivery. See the basic accessories here.

What can you choose for your Basic building?

Structure width and span

  • 12 m
  • 15 m
  • 20 m

Structure length

Free length with a frame division of 3 metres

Colour of the covering fabric

White, light grey, dark grey, graphite grey, black, dark blue, dark green and red.

Värimallit Best-Hall

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Fabric Buildings and Structures Manufacturer

Best-Hall's buildings are manufactured from start to finish at the company's own factory in Kälviä, Central Ostrobothnia, Finland. The buildings are designed and customised to the customer's needs on the worktables of the company's own designers, the steel frames are welded in its own workshop and then painted in its own paint shop. The covers are also manufactures at the factory, and Best-Halls' own employees or carefully selected partners will then assemble the buildings in the site.



ISO certificates and CE markings guarantee quality

Best-Hall has held the ISO 9001 quality certificate since 1993. Our occupational health and safety meet the high demands of the ISO 45001 certificate. Our environmetal system has also been certified with the ISO 14001 certificate. Best-Hall's frame and sliding doors have a CE marking and they are manufactured according to the EN 1090-2 standard. We also hold the GOST certificate.

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A warehouse for storing fixtures was built quickly and effortlessly


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