Relocatable prefabricated concrete element plant

Relocatable prefabricated concrete element plant

House large areas safely and fast

Need to construct or reconstruct apartments quick and cost-efficient way? Put up a mobile precast concrete element factory right there, where new homes are needed, and transfer the whole production capacity to another location afterward.

Utilize this excellent opportunity for smooth and cost-effective construction, especially in large projects where transporting the elements on wheels is not profitable. Full readiness for production takes only 10-12 months from planning to go live.

Production facilities are adjusted to meet your yearly construction goals for the apartments.


Basic delivery includes:

  • Best-Hall Custom production hall accompanied by the equipment needed (e.g. bridge cranes).
  • Installation supervision for the building.
  • Layout and installation plan for the precast concrete element molds needed in element production.


Optionally add your delivery also:

  • Molds produced according to the layout.
  • Installing supervision for the molds.
  • Video/remote training to operate at the factory.


Why choose our solution?

The whole package is adjusted to your and your customer´s goals for the annual apartment construction.

Based on your objectives, we will put up the best solution for you to produce the right amount and types of elements (molds for facade elements, load-bearing partition walls, staircases etc.) in perfectly fitting and safe production facilities. Best-Hall Custom, our best-selling Best-Hall in Europe and the US, is often used in production or warehousing as it gives extraordinary freedom to set up the production layout and lanes needed.

We provide you with a low-risk opportunity to change the construction business and achieve long-term productivity. The whole package is fully transportable and the productive lifecycle for Best-Hall Custom is measured in decades even when transported several times. In addition, there is a fully operating retail market for Best-Hall Custom halls.


Benefits compared to the traditional way of transporting precast elements on wheels:

  • Predictable price for element manufacturing.
  • Reliability of delivery is under your control.
  • Significant savings in logistics costs.
  • High production efficiency.
  • Fewer emissions as elements are produced at the site.
  • High-quality and safe working conditions for employees.


Got interested? Please contact us:

Best-Hall Custom:
Leif Fagernäs

Sales Director, Best-Hall

Precast concrete processes:
Heikki Pakisjärvi

CEO, Finninno
+358 44 771 2301


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