Best-Hall is your number one partner in building projects


A pioneer in the construction of membrane cladded buildings

Best-Hall was founded in 1975. To date, we have already delivered more than 5,500 buildings in Finland and abroad. Initially, we only delivered buildings with fabric covers, but in 2010, we expanded our expertise to include steel-framed buildings. Thus, our operations consist of three distinct business areas: fabric-covered buildings, traditional buildings and maintenance services.

In addition to our headquarters in Kälviä, our company has a branch in Porvoo, where the management of our traditional building unit is performed.

In 1997, Best-Hall Oy became part of the Wiklöf Group, the most important principle of which is to keep jobs in Finland and export products using its own expertise.

It is easy to design, purchase and maintain a building with us!

You can select the type of building you need with a membrane cladding, and we will deliver it as a turnkey delivery. Our staff are always happy to help you find the best possible building for you!


We are here for you

We are a responsible and reliable operator, and it is easy to approach and get in touch with us in any situation. We take full responsibility for our operations and provide our customers with excellent partnership.


Quality and safety

Please visit our buildings or come and see how our factory operates. We always finish our products carefully and manage the entire delivery process.


The entire life cycle of a building

If you are thinking about purchasing a building, please ask for additional information about our design and financing services. Of course, we are also happy to help you in later stages, for example, whenever your building requires maintenance or relocation, or if you are considering renovating the building for a new purpose of use.


Choose Best-Hall

Service throughout your building’s life cycle

Our selection of services covers everything from design to commissioning and possible reuse solutions at a later stage.


Proven premium durability and quality

We do not compromise on quality. We are entirely in charge of the delivery and installation processes in order to ensure that the outcome meets all our criteria.

Quality and durability

Modifications and equipment for your business needs

You can equip your building as you wish, we make everything possible! Read more about the alternatives available in the design phase. 

Building modifications