Service throughout your building's life cycle



Design and project development service

Our professional staff will assist you in finding the most suitable alternatives already in the design stage.

Best-Hall will assist you in designing and acquiring the building you need. Our staff will determine your true needs and, based on these, draw up a proposal for the building. This ensures that the building will match your operational requirements.

Our sales staff are also happy to assist you in, for example:

  • acquiring a building permit
  • designing the building according to planning regulations
  • acquiring other possible requirements such as sprinklers, district heating, etc.

You can rely on the expertise of Best-Hall’s staff and the continuity of our business. We continue to be here for you after your building has been commissioned.



Permits and contacts with authorities

We will provide you with assistance and information concerning permits and authorities when designing a building.

Once you have decided to purchase a building, the next stage of the project is to acquire permits and contact the authorities. 

Customers are responsible for requesting a building permit during the project and contacting the building supervision authorities.

Best-Hall will provide you with sufficient drawings to request a building permit. Our local representatives can also contact the building supervision authorities on your behalf, if necessary.

In addition, we provide you with support and expertise concerning regulatory requirements such as complying with the construction disclosure obligation.



Our financing service allows you to conduct your building project in an economic way.

Best-Hall also provides its customers with assistance in financing and purchasing. You can purchase the building with a leasing agreement if necessary.


We can help you arrange financing for your purchase, if necessary. The financial offer will be provided by us. Access to financing always requires a positive credit decision from the finance company.

Leasing financing is available for purchasing an entire building and for changing the cover fabric.



Installation is one of the most vital stages of acquiring a building. Our installation teams consist of professionals who take care of every single detail.

The many benefits of selecting Best-Hall include a shorter installation period than in traditional construction. Our long-term product development, expert design, and manufacturing at our own factory combine to minimise the time spent in the installation phase.

Our expert assemblers have decades of experience in the installation of the buildings as well as the relevant methods and safety at work, meaning that lifting and transportation equipment is usually all that is needed.

In addition to our own installation services, building installations and equipment provisions are performed by our carefully selected partners, which is why we can easily provide a warranty for every building installed!




The durability and high-quality materials of Best-Hall buildings make them a safe and effortless solution that requires only basic maintenance, such as cleaning the gutters and the fabric. However, accidents may occur over the building’s extensive life cycle. We are always ready to help and instruct you in matters concerning the maintenance of your building.

You can repair small damages yourself as well. For example, if the building cover is damaged by a forklift, we will provide you with an easy-to-use repair kit.

More significant maintenance needs are always evaluated on-site or based on photographs before beginning the maintenance procedures. Nevertheless, please remember that all damages and abrasions in the fabric must be repaired without undue delay.

We also perform building condition inspections!


Relocation and reuse

Efficient, quick and professional Fabric Structures relocation services. 

If the distance is short and sufficient space is available, the entire building can be relocated without disassembly using cranes. In these cases, we usually replace the anchoring steel rods and the fabric skirt of the building as well. In order for the transfer to be successful, we also recommend that the anchoring foot plates be replaced. This will ensure that the anchoring foot plates are in place when the building is brought to its new location.

If the new location is located more than a few hundred metres away from the original location, our experienced installers will first disassemble your building entirely and reassemble it professionally. In relocations between cities, we also consider the possibility of different snow loads in different locations.

Relocating an entire building in one go requires special installation expertise.

Note! Currently, we only perform relocations of Best-Hall buildings


Choose Best-Hall

Proven premium durability and quality

We do not compromise on quality. We are entirely in charge of the delivery and installation processes in order to ensure that the outcome meets all our criteria. 

Quality and durability

Modifications and equipment for your business needs

You can equip your building as you wish, we make everything possible! Read more about the alternatives available in the design phase.

Building modifications