Best-Hall punching above its weight: small company doing big things

Best-Hall has been supplying fabric buildings for more than 45 years. We have seen many kinds of trends, but the latest and most long-lasting has...

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Fabric structures are nothing like weather shelters

Many associate fabric structures with weather shelters and tents set up for events and are surprised by the personalised, high-quality structures... Read more

High quality pvc-fabric

Best-Hall uses the highest quality materials available. Many kinds of PVC-coated fabrics from all over the world are available on the market, some of... Read more

Anchoring directly into asphalt expedites building delivery

A steel-structured fabric building may not require concrete foundation as the frame can be anchored directly into asphalt. This saves both time and... Read more

Carbon footprint calculation determined the lifecycle emissions of a warehouse

Best-Hall has turned its words into deeds in determining the carbon footprint of its buildings. A calculation of the lifecycle carbon footprint of a... Read more

Future environmental goals necessitate the construction of low-carbon buildings

More and more operators want to build responsible, low-carbon buildings. Companies’ environmental systems already require the minimisation of carbon... Read more

You can also lease a fabric building

Making an investment decision and getting started with construction usually requires funding to be secured first. The quick option is to acquire a... Read more

Best-Hall involved in agricultural construction

I believe it was Mr. Farmer’s fourth successful fodder harvest that was wrapped up last weekend. For me, the fodder making time means being on... Read more

Quality assured – years of development ensure an excellent audit result

Best-Hall has had the ISO 9001 quality certification since 1993. In 2019, the company also gained the ISO 45001 occupational health and safety... Read more

A well-lit Best-Hall extends the working day

Does your team work during the darker seasons? Material handling is much more efficient in a light-framed Best-Hall building with bright LED lights... Read more

From a pioneering company to an international trailblazer of hall construction

Durable halls from the best materials made with high quality in Finland for international markets. This is the core idea around which Best-Hall was... Read more

Zinc coating or powder coating – why do we prefer powder coating in surface treatment?

You can either hot galvanize or paint the steel frame of a PVC-covered building. Numerous tests, calculations and 45 years of experience have... Read more

Fabric building maintenance in the autumn

Even though many of us would like summer to go on longer, it is already September and lingonberry season will soon be at its peak. Autumn is a busy... Read more

Best-Hall a pioneer in the environmental impact assessment of buildings

Buildings use almost 40 per cent of all energy consumed in Finland, and they cause more than 30 per cent of carbon dioxide emissions. There is a lot... Read more

Best-Halls can now be found in more than fifty countries from Northern Norway to Antarctica

The restrictions applied this spring may have closed the borders for a while, but it has been great to see that our international customers’ faith in... Read more

Fabric buildings are ideal for all kinds of uses

We are often asked what a steel-framed fabric building is suitable for. Is it possible to build a heated hall, or how long a continuous structure can... Read more

Emphasis on occupational safety has halved the number of accidents, resulting in a safety certification

Years of work by the entire Best-Hall staff on developing occupational safety and health were rewarded in April with the SFS-ISO-45001 certification.... Read more

Extend the life of a fabric building by replacing its cover

Best-Hall only uses premium-quality European fabric materials for its fabric buildings. A PVC-coated fabric cover will last for decades, but even the... Read more

How to check the condition of your Best-Hall building after a gruelling winter

The light of spring has finally brought the 120-day November to an end, despite the extraordinary circumstances gripping our world. The arrival of... Read more

Best-Hall’s new managing director believes in the creation of customer value

On 6 April 2020, the leadership of Best-Hall, the Kälviä-based manufacturer of quality buildings which is vying for a top position in its field, will... Read more

Do you know the carbon footprint of your building? Our CO2 calculation tells you the emission value of your building

The built environment causes 30% of greenhouse gas emissions. In order to reduce the environmental impact of the industry, Best-Hall is the first in... Read more

How do you make sure that a steel-framed building can withstand the snow load?

Snowy winters and heavy snowfall that results in a thick layer of snow over a short period of time put a strain on buildings. News reports of sports... Read more

A painted steel frame is a durable and responsible solution

Painted steel frames in buildings endure even demanding conditions for decades. In addition to this, the painted surface has several other benefits... Read more

Can you get district heating for a fabric-covered building? Eight solutions for optimising a Best-Hall building

The demands for a building are obviously very different depending on whether it is used to store steel components or play football, or whether it is... Read more

Safe steel-structured buildings by Best-Hall

Every Best-Hall is constructed with the demands and the safety of both people and the construction location in mind. The steel structures of the... Read more

Four things to speed up your Best-Hall building project

The time between identifying a need and that need becoming a reality is often very short and immediate solutions are required. This also applies to... Read more

What does a Best-Hall building cost? Here`s how to find out

Insufficient specification of initial data is one of the most typical stumbling blocks of building projects. In other words, people tend to place... Read more

Winter maintenance of Best-Hall buildings

The current heavy snowfall in winter may even pose a challenge to the rated capacities of buildings. And since the temperature over the weekend is... Read more

Proven premium durability and quality

We guarantee that we will provide you with an exceptionally safe building solution made to withstand even the most demanding conditions. You can be... Read more