Quality assured – years of development ensure an excellent audit result

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Quality assured – years of development ensure an excellent audit result

Best-Hall has had the ISO 9001 quality certification since 1993. In 2019, the company also gained the ISO 45001 occupational health and safety certification and the ISO 14001 environmental certification. The quality system criteria are audited and confirmed on a regular basis. This autumn’s audits covered the right to use the CE marking as well as the ISO quality management systems.

Some weeks ago, the auditors checked the fulfilment of the CE marking criteria, and last week the evaluations focused on the quality of our operations in terms of occupational safety, environmental considerations and the entire process. Once again, the final meeting and the third-party expert’s assessments of our operations were worth the wait: only one comment and improvement suggestion were presented.

It is said that it pays to be prepared. With this in mind, we were once again able to ensure that this year’s deviation column was as empty as ever.

The CE marking has been mandatory for load-bearing structures since 2014. Best-Hall is authorised to CE mark Best-Hall frames and sliding doors in accordance with the 1090-2 standard. Usually, the execution class for the kinds of buildings Best-Hall provides is EXC2, but we are permitted to design and manufacture significantly more demanding higher-class structures. The higher execution class is required due to factors such as high occupant numbers and structural crane integrations.

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Audits evaluate the entire process

The first day of auditing the quality systems focused on business management, including more specific issues such as strategy and safety management. Discussions with the occupational safety and health representative and occupational health coordinator provided the auditor with a perspective on practical day-to-day activities, alongside the management’s point of view.

On the second and third day, the auditors focused on assessing the quality of the order-delivery process. Everything from marketing and production to fitting was thoroughly evaluated in terms of operations, occupational safety and environmental matters. The auditors were particularly pleased with our efforts to develop digitalisation, information flow and installation safety. Another highpoint was the carbon footprint calculation prepared for one of our supplied buildings. The building was erected in Germany some weeks ago. In a few days, a calculation on the building’s lifetime carbon footprint will also be provided

Now we can happily wait for the delivery of new signed certificates at the end of the month or the beginning of next year.

Sparring to boost continuous development

Audits are always an opportunity to learn new things. The auditor’s keen eye and experience are important sources of improvement suggestions and good ideas. They also provide the opportunity to develop one’s own thinking. In the past, audits were often thought to be endless streams of reprimands and lectures, but years of actually listening to the auditors’ comments and recommendations has led to a fruitful exchange of ideas. This means that operations can be developed based on proactive measures instead of discrepancies. Thankfully, we are now well-positioned to take quality management even further.

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