Best-Hall Custom

A fabric structure that flexibility adapts to your needs at the most demanding level


Do you want a high-quality building that is tailored to your business and can be modified when your needs change?

A building that lasts from generation to generation, but one that can be easily extended or even moved, if necessary?

Best-Hall's steel-framed Custom fabric structure is precisely this kind of master of adaptability, renowned for its durability and designed to meet the needs of even the most demanding builders and locations.

Best-Hall Custom's flexible manufacturing process, robust structure and top-quality materials have been honed over the course of 45 years of development.

This pioneer of steel-framed fabric strucutres is equally suitable as an 80-metre-wide pillar-free giant arena as it is as a specially-designed, undivided indoor facility of 20,000 square metres. These buildings have been built as warehouses in windy ocean ports, as elegant city-centre exhibition spaces and as production facilities under the desert sun.    

What can fabric structures be used for?

A steel-framed fabric structure is a quick, cost-effective and eco-friendly option for all expansion construction. Best-Hall’s techniques can be used to build just the kind of building you need, whether it be a warehouse, aircraft hangar, logistics building, sports facility, timber warehouse or agricultural building, of any size.

The steel structure, covered with PVC fabric, is equally suitable for a cold warehouse or a heated sports arena. The building can be either installed on a concrete foundation or anchored directly into asphalt using a special technique tested by VTT.

Colour of the covering fabric

Basic colours: White, red, dark grey, light grey, light blue, light green, dark blue and dark green.

colors of fabric building

Other colors can be selected from an extensive color chart at a separate price. Ask the seller for more information.

When should I choose Best-Hall Custom?

Best-Hall Custom is the ideal choice if you are looking for a building solution that flexibly adapts to the needs of your business and meets more demanding design requirements than a standard building.

Custom is often a faster and more cost-effective option than traditional fixed buildings. At the same time, its size and structure make it suitable for large, special projects requiring specialised skills.

As its name suggests, Custom is easy to customise according to your changing needs in terms of function and space: it can be extended, fitted with additional equipment or connected to other buildings. An unheated building can be insulated after its installation to turn it into a semi-heated or heated structure. If necessary, a steel-framed building can also be dismantled and relocated, which means that the investment is not wasted if your operations change shape.

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the most popular accessories for best-hall custom

What do you need for your building?

roof exhaust fan

Roof exhaust fan

Replaces the building's indoor air in 1.5 hours; roof-mounted

besthall dehumidifier


Adjusts the humidity to a suitable level and maintains it without the building requiring insulation or heating

fabric structure

LED lighting

Purpose-designed lighting to be mounted to the stell frame

door canopies

Snow barriers, guiodes and door canopies

Guides to clear snow off the roof and away from doorways in a controlled manner and according to HSE requlations

Rainwater system

Rainwater system

Rainwater drainage straight to the sewer

fabric structure

Logos and patterns

The entire fabric surface is available for prints 

heated fabric structure

Heated or semi-heated space

If a heated or semi-heated space or combination of both is requires, the fabric-covered building is fitted with inner liner as well as insulation between the interior and exterior cover. Any heating method is applicable, from district heating to electricity

Overhead door

Special doors

Overhead and roll-up doors are alternatives to the standard sliding doors. Special doors are available at the lenght of an entire building end, if necessary

Side Shelters

Side shelters

Side shelters can be installed on one or both sides of the building to provide additional shelter. We can also provide you with a canopy-like space in front of the doors at the end of the building

Why choose a Best-Hall fabric structure?

Here are a few advantages of our Fabric Structures listed our customers:    

  • up to 80 metres of continous, pillar-free width
  • short delivery times and fast assembly in just a few weeks    
  • anchoring into a light concrete foundation or even directly onto asphalt    
  • a snow load capacity based on stress-strain analysis    
  • a powder-coated, smooth frame that does not damage the fabric  
  • a bright hall without additional lighting
  • a suistainable and energy-efficient structure
  • a personal service that understand the customer's needs    
  • a hall designed for its purpose of use as total delivery

Custom delivery time 3-4 months

You can get a Best-Hall as a turnkey delivery or as a basic delivery. We also help with applying for construction permits. The hall can be erected either on concrete foundation or directly onto asphalt with steel pile anchoring tested by Technical Research Centre of Finland, which makes the installation even faster.

Best CE-approved and corrosion-resistant materials

Only the best PVC-coated polyester fabric is used for Best-halls. The steel structures are made of high-quality Nordic steel. The steel structures of the buildings are CE-certified, and their durability is ensured trough numerous inspections. Its durabilty is futher enhanced by steel frame's powder painting, which does not damage the fabric even in harsh conditions.The powder coating helps the steel frame to withstand the stresses of even the most demanding environmental classes, which means that fabric-covered buildings can also be used in conditions with C4 and C5 environmental classification.

A Finnish hall manufacturer

Best-Hall's buildings are manufactured from start to finish at the company's own factory in Kälviä, Central Ostrobothnia, Finland. The buildings are designed and customised to the customer's needs on the worktables of the company's own designers, the steel frames are welded in its own workshop and then painted in its own paint shop. The covers are also manufactures at the factory, and Best-Halls' own employees or carefully selected partners will then assemble the buildings in the site.



ISO certificates and CE markings guarantee quality

Best-Hall has held the ISO 9001 quality certificate since 1993. Our occupational health and safety meet the high demands of the ISO 45001 certificate. Our environmetal system has also been certified with the ISO 14001 certificate. Best-Hall's frame and sliding doors have a CE marking and they are manufactured according to the EN 1090-2 standard. We also hold the GOST certificate.

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Austrian Rema wanted a fabric-covered building that can withstand the snow loads of the mountain region.

Warehouse constructed for Rauanheimo in the Vuosaari harbour in four weeks.

Spacious and energy-efiicient production hall to boost the production of Salvos log cabins.

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