Solar energy from the entire roof of a Best-Hall building

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Solar energy from the entire roof of a Best-Hall building

The roof of a Best-Hall building may be the best place at your site to install solar panels. Now, panels can be fitted on the roofs of both existing and new buildings. At the moment, the second largest solar power plant being constructed on the roof of a Best-Hall building is measured in hectares.

Some time ago, Best-Hall discovered that the roofs of its buildings are often quite optimal for the production of solar energy. Now, Finland’s first solar power plant, which was installed on an existing Best-Hall building, is producing electricity on the roof of a paint shop in the Kälviä factory area.

“We are a trusted trailblazer. We wanted to install the first setup on the roof of our own building. As a result, we how have a concept we can use to provide our customers, too, with everything they need to install solar panels,” explains Best-Hall’s Production Manager Mika Pottala.

In addition to the paint shop in Kälviä, a new Best-Hall building being constructed in Central Europe will be equipped with solar panels across its entire roof, which is so large it is measured in hectares. In fact, the demand for solar power is particularly high in Central and Southern Europe, but installations can also be found in Finland.

“I’m happy to say that the roofs of both old and new buildings can be fitted with a solar power plant for a reasonable investment.”

In the best case scenario, the investment will be highly profitable. Depending on the roof area available, building location, the operations taking place in the building and their energy consumption, it may be possible to reach energy self-sufficiency – even a surplus. This means that the electricity produced by the panels can be used in other buildings in the area.

Interruption-free installation on the roof of an existing building

More often than not, solar panels can also be installed on the roof of an existing building.

That said, the load-bearing capacity of the building and the condition of the roof must always be confirmed before an investment decision. Best-Hall experts will inspect the hall and make an estimate in relation to the customer’s solar power production goals and the requisite number of panels and penetrations.

Solar panels can be installed on the roof of an existing panel almost unnoticed.

“Production at our paint shop ran at full steam while the panels were being installed. Everything has also worked flawlessly: there have been no leaks and the power production has continued without interruption.

The most economic way is to make advance preparations

In terms of overall economy, the best way is to prepare the necessary solutions at the factory. In addition to the frame and roof of the building, the solar panels also impact its electrification.

“When purchasing a new Best-Hall building, it’s a good idea to incorporate the solar panel option in the plans as soon as possible, even if you intend to install the panels later on.”

In practice, attachment points are welded to the structures of the steel building to attach the panels to the load-bearing structures. The roof penetrations are reinforced and sealed in the necessary ways. Any walkways relevant for panel installation and possible maintenance must also be taken into account.

“If you are interested in installing solar power on the roof of your building, don’t hesitate to contact us,” Pottala says encouragingly.

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