Fabric structures are nothing like weather shelters

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Fabric structures are nothing like weather shelters

Many associate fabric structures with weather shelters and tents set up for events and are surprised by the personalised, high-quality structures covered with stylish premium fabric. The impressive fabric buildings that can be designed to meet your needs draw attention in many industrial areas.

The robust steel-structured buildings that are covered in pretensioned PVC fabric are as durable as other corresponding structures and do not pale in a visual comparison either. Often they are even more visually appealing, according to Best-Hall’s Area Sales Manager Hannu Saari, who wishes to break the association with tarp-covered structures.

“Many are surprised about the forms that the appearance of a fabric-covered building can take and the options available in the design process.”

You can design a Best-Hall building to meet your exact needs. A steel structure does not need to be a simple rectangle, you can choose the colour of the fabric and you can even match the walls of the building to the surroundings if you like.

fabric covered building

How to get the most benefit out of a fabric structure?

In this article, we have collected four perspectives on how to design a PVC hall that serves your business comprehensively instead of just providing cover.

fabric covered storage building1. Design the shape to boost your operations

Within the framework of the circular steel lattice structure, a Best-Hall building can be almost any shape and size. The only limitation is that the frame must extend all the way to the ground at certain intervals to ensure load-bearing capacity, which means that a side wall cannot be entirely open. The width is only limited by the 80-metre span length.

fabric covered warehouse

“We have constructed oval-shaped, undulating and tapering buildings that optimise the operations carried out inside. The ridge line can be strengthened or the building made taller based on the needs of the machinery or conveyors,” Saari explains.

fabric covered exhibition building

fabric covered recycling building

fabric structure storage building

2. Select a visually impressive colour scheme that matches your brand

For its buildings, Best-Hall uses the best European pretensioned PVC fabrics that can be tinted according to any colour code. Even among the standard colours, there are multiple hues available for creating a personalised appearance.

“A grey hem fabric can be used to create the look of a plinth, or you can use multiple colours to apply stripes, for example. The PVC-coated fabric, which lasts 30 years on average, does not fade in the sun and can be easily washed, which means that it retains its impressive look for a long time,” Saari explains.

fabric structure

3. Use the surfaces for marketing

You can also print graphical elements, such as logos or other images, on the high-quality pretensioned fabric.

“The manufacturer can print images up to 2 x 6 metres in size directly onto the fabric surface. Larger logos or patterns can be welded onto the fabric. Many companies have applied impressive logos and patterns onto the roof and other fabric surfaces to increase visibility.”

Best-Hall_3715_Tallinn_Bekker_Port (1)

fabric covered storage building

4. Improve the atmosphere with prints on the interior fabric

How would you like to explore new yachts in a seaside environment under the blue sky or engage in an urban combat game in the middle of a silhouetted cityscape. You can create amazing spatial experiences with prints on the building’s interior fabric and influence the atmosphere.

“Normally, the PVC fabric lets light through very well, and lighting is generally not required in a light-coloured hall during the day. With a dark interior fabric, you can reduce light inside the building for gaming purposes. With colours and prints, you can create an atmosphere or provide sponsorship opportunities,” Hannu Saari suggests.

fabric covered sport building

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