Need for rapid residential construction grows – check out the new way to house whole areas safely and fast

In current and future societies, new homes need to rise at an ever-higher pace. Concrete element production locates typically far from the properties, which causes both transportation costs and emissions, sometimes even delays in the construction. What if it would be possible to produce precast concrete elements for apartment houses right next to the housing estate and move production facilities to another place afterward?

This thought brought together the Finnish hall constructing pioneer Best-Hall Ltd and Finnish expert of precast concrete element producing Finninno Ltd. Co-operation resulted in an interesting opportunity for the constructors, societies, and area developers: a fully equipped and transportable production hall to make precast concrete elements for apartment buildings at the site.

Now, it is possible to produce precast concrete elements at the housing estate, offer high-quality and safe working conditions for employees, make significant savings in logistics costs, and add production efficiency. Afterward, the whole production can be moved to another location.

- This is a tempting choice for constructors and for reconstructors to get concrete elements when needed and gain remarkable savings in logistics costs, says Leif Fagernäs, who works as Sales Director in Best-Hall, and is responsible for the sales of the transportable precast element production hall.


Full-equipped production hall within 10-12 months

At its minimum, the delivery of the transportable precast concrete element production hall consists of the Best-Hall Custom production hall accompanied by the equipment needed (e.g. bridge cranes), installation supervision for the building, plus layout and installation plan for the precast concrete element molds needed in element production.

Depending on the customer´s needs, the package can also include the required molds, supervision for installing the molds, and employee training.

At its best, the customer needs just to add concrete.

- Together, we provide our customers with the complete package from planning to go-live in only 10-12 months, Leif Fagernäs and Heikki Pakisjärvi, CEO of the Finninno say. Pakisjärvi is responsible for the planning of the layout and the molds for the mobile precast concrete factory.

As a body, there is the Best-Hall Custom production hall, the best-selling Best-Hall in Europe, and US. It is easy to install and take apart plus transport to another location when needed. In addition, its productive lifecycle is measured in decades. As Fagernäs puts it:

- Taking apart and transporting the Best-Hall Custom production hall to another location takes as of only 16 weeks. We offer experienced experts for that, too. Customer risk is low, as there is a fully operating retail market; taking apart and transporting Custom halls from one location to another is business as usual for us.


The capacity of thousands of apartments within a year

The capacity to produce elements is always adjusted according to the customer´s needs. Best-Hall and Finninno help customers to budget.

- Basic capacity of the unit is 2 500 flats per year. As a rule of thumb, the minimum amount for production should be at least 3000 flats in the same area within 3 years, says Pakisjärvi.

Co-operation between Best-Hall and Finninno has long roots. The first project together started in 2013 with Finnish construction company YIT.

- It is our pleasure to help constructors to meet their customer´s needs, say Fagernäs and Pakisjärvi.  



For more information, please contact:

Best-Hall Custom:
Leif Fagernäs
Sales Director, Best-Hall

Precast concrete processes:
Heikki Pakisjärvi
CEO, Finninno
+358 44 771 2301

Best-Hall in a nutshell:
Best-Hall Ltd is a Finnish hall construction pioneer that has delivered more than 5,500 buildings for over 50 countries since its foundation in 1975. Best-Hall employs over 150 people and has agents in 14 countries. For more information: Best-Hall

Finninno in a nutshell:
Finninno Ltd. is a Finnish company that specializes in designing precast concrete sections for more cost-effective production. In addition, Finninno provides production consultation for the concrete products industry. For more information: Finninno