Extend the life of a fabric building by replacing its cover

Best-Hall only uses premium-quality European fabric materials for its fabric buildings. A PVC-coated fabric cover will last for decades, but even the best quality fabrics do not last forever. Replacing the fabric will extend the storage building’s life span and ensure its safety.

Forces of nature, such as wind and sunlight, and sometimes even the environment itself will eventually wear down the cover fabric, the same as any material. In constant exposure to the elements, even the best quality fabric cover will inevitably harden and get brittle in approximately 25–35 years.

This is why owners of fabric (PVC) buildings that have been in use for more than 20 years should keep a close eye on the condition of the fabric. In extraordinarily demanding conditions, such as harbour areas blasted by winds from the sea or sun-scorched locations near the equator, it is a good idea to check the condition of the fabric on a regular basis.

When to replace the cover of a fabric building?

Wear and brittleness is easy to observe on the fabric surfaces. The following lists a few of the signs indicating that the PVC fabric has reached the end of its life span:

  • The fibres of the fabric begin to show on the exterior.
  • The fabric begins to present black mould-like spots that are caused by water penetrating the PVC coating and getting absorbed into the fibres.
  • The frame arches begin to show holes or spots with heavy light penetration.
  • The fabric has a lot of holes.

Another indication of the fabric reaching the end of its life span is that the thinning of the PVC coating prevents any repair welding.


A new cover will extend the life span of a fabric building

Of course, the natural wear of the fabric does not mean that the steel-structure storage building or sports hall has reached the end of its useful life and should be dismantled. If the steel frame remains in good condition, all you need is a replacement for the fabric cover.
In fact, replacing the cover is a very cost-effective way to extend the service life of a fabric building. Extending the building’s service life is also a responsible option which reduces the environmental load of the construction process and the carbon footprint of the building.
As an added bonus, replacing the fabric provides an excellent opportunity to update the building’s steel frame to meet current needs. Perhaps you have discovered a need for higher doorways and an increased number of entrances? The new fabric cover will also make the building’s facade more appealing and impressive. You can also choose to update the colour of the fabric and any possible printed logos when replacing the cover.

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If you would like to extend the service life of your building, please contact us and request an offer. 

Some photos and the original drawings in our archives will get us far, but we can also visit the site if necessary.

P.S. We can also replace the fabric covers of buildings with glulam arch frames, but we do not cover greenhouses.