You can also lease a fabric building

Making an investment decision and getting started with construction usually requires funding to be secured first. The quick option is to acquire a Best-Hall building through a leasing agreement. Best-Hall’s long-lasting and durable PVC halls are also eligible for agricultural construction investment subsidies, for example.

Best-Hall assists its customers with arranging financing for their building investments.

“If you wish, you can purchase a Best-Hall building through a leasing arrangement, as is the case with most things required for production. What this means in practice is that the sales representative makes a leasing offer and we can charge rent ourselves or apply for funding for the building from a financing company,” Best-Hall’s CFO Mats Holm explains.

The basis of a leasing agreement for a steel-structured building is that the building can be either moved or dismantled at the end of the agreement period. You can also apply for leasing funding to modify an existing hall by replacing the fabric cover, for example.

“After the leasing period, the customer can claim the building or request an extension to the lease. That said, a leasing agreement does not oblige the customer to purchase the building after the lease period.”

The average agreement period is 3–6 years. According to Holm, leasing arrangements are mostly used in situations where a company is growing rapidly and does not want to tie up cash assets in investments. Leasing also provides a benefit in accounting, as rents can be fully deducted as depreciations are distributed along a lengthier period. Moreover, leasing is a good option when you know you will only be needing the building for a few years.

Help with applying for investment support

Best-Hall PVC buildings that have been constructed according to strength calculations and will last at least 50 years are also eligible for investment and development support from the Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment. For example, the buildings meet the requirements for agricultural construction investment subsidy.

“We advise our customers on how to apply for a variety of investment support and business funding. Any investment support gained can also be used as a down payment for the leasing arrangement.”

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Financial Manager

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08.06.2020 | Reference

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