ELHO increased its production and moved its spare parts to a single warehouse

The Ostrobothnian manufacturer of agricultural machinery ELHO increased its production by one third last year, which created an urgent need for additional production and warehouse facilities. The company acquired an empty industrial property and extended it with a Best-Hall warehouse building constructed on the basis of a similar fabric covered building that has served them well before.

When over a single year, a company manufacturing agricultural machinery at its own facilities from start to finish sees its sales accelerate in North America and its stone picker become a bestseller, the growth can be overwhelming even to the entrepreneur seeking it.

– The growth was so rapid that we had to keep a cool head in order to keep up. Last year we hired around 35 new employees and had a 34% increase in sales. In order to get additional space, we decided to take up the spare parts storage located near our production facilities for production purposes and get a completely new warehouse building for our after sales spare parts. We had previously kept our spare parts in two different warehouses, which created unnecessary costs and took up extra time, describes Sebastian Löfvik, leader of the family-owned company ELHO.

Already the second fabric covered warehouse building

Special attention was paid to the design of the extension so that the location of the new warehouse will also serve future needs. When the suitable location was found, ELHO knew to contact Best-Hall directly, as the company had constructed a fabric covered warehouse building for them six years earlier.

– Back then, we had the need to get our machine manufacturing components and welding jigs under shelter and implement a clearer storage system based on shelf locations. We have been happy with how the building equipped with roof exhaust fans also allows us to store steel plates and other raw materials that are sensitive to humidity.

The new building, completed in February 2019, differs from the earlier one only in that it is connected by a corridor to a nearby industrial building. This made it possible to expand the warehouse facility.

– The warehouse will include pallet shelves and a fork-lift truck can be used to move directly between the warehouses. The corridor saves time and adds comfort in the winter months as the driver doesn’t need to go outside in order to move from one warehouse to another, Löfvik points out.

Löfvik has been particularly pleased with the ease of maintenance of the building completed in 2012.

– Since its construction, the building has been completely maintenance-free. The fabrics have remained intact and clean. The building is equipped with eaves that also help the material stay in good condition.

The impressive building functions as an advertisement

The older building is located directly by the busy highway 8 in Pännäinen. When purchasing the building, ELHO wanted to make sure that it also functions as an advertisement for the company as it is located in a prime position.

– The PVC fabrics covering the building can be manufactured in colours supporting your company brand or printed with logos or any other shapes. Buildings with fabric covers can be adapted to their surroundings or used in marketing, states Sales Director Leif Fagernäs from Best-Hall.

The newer spare parts warehouse located in the factory area in Pännäinen is also a fine landmark according to Löfvik.

– The printed and illuminated ELHO logo at the end of building is so visible as you enter the area that visitors barely need any other directions, Löfvik laughs.