Topi Keittiöt

A warehouse for storing fixtures was built quickly and effortlessly

Last year, Topi-Keittiöt Oy – a manufacturer of kitchen fixtures – needed a new warehouse on short notice, since the storage spaces the company had leased for previous summer seasons were no longer available.

We generally supply the fixtures to customers directly from production but, during the summer, we also manufacture fixtures into interim storage for later delivery. When we were no longer able to lease storage space, we decided to invest in a new warehouse. Best-Hall provided us with a quick, effortless and cost-efficient way of obtaining more space for storage,” says Iiro Ojala, Chief Operating Officer of Topi-Keittiöt Oy.

The new warehouse was also needed as additional space for storing chipboard, since the company had procured more board than before into inventory due to the increased raw material costs and availability issues.

The warehouse project was put out to tender, and the winning offer was for a 1,200-square-metre Best-Hall Nopea standard building. According to Ojala, the fast delivery was a significant benefit of the model.

We found the package provided by Best-Hall to be the best solution. Best-Hall’s sales representative visited the installation site to see it, and we were immediately impressed with the professionalism of the company’s operations. We concluded that it would be effortless to carry out the project with Best-Hall,” Ojala says in summary.

The installation went almost unnoticed

The exact location and dimensioning of the storage building were designed in cooperation with Best-Hall’s Regional Sales Manager Jari Hietala. The location was marked in advance with poles to ensure that traffic would flow smoothly around the building. An automatic door was also selected for the new warehouse to facilitate day-to-day activities.

Topi-Keittiöt placed their building order in early April, and the building was completed on schedule before Midsummer in late June. The installation work lasted a few weeks and, according to Ojala, went almost unnoticed. The building was set up directly in the yard area, and no foundation work was required.

The project required nothing more from us than a building permit and some empty space. During the construction, there was temporarily less manoeuvring room for transport vehicles in the area, but otherwise the construction work did not affect our everyday activities in any way. For us as a client, this was an easy and effortless project.”

Grey is the most popular colour of the eight options

Topi-Keittiöt is a Finnish family-owned business with a fixture factory in Kalajoki and 17 outlets throughout Finland. The site in Kalajoki features three production buildings and three warehouses with a total of more than 10,000 square metres of storage area.

Topi-Keittiöt wanted the new warehouse to fit as elegantly as possible next to the previous buildings, which was a consideration with regard to the fabric of choice. The Best-Hall Nopea standard building is made from European PVC-coated fabrics and CE-marked Finnish steel.

The fabric for the standard building can be selected from eight colour options. The grey hues are often the most popular, since they suit industrial environments and earlier buildings the best. With longer delivery times, it is also possible to purchase fabrics with special colours, which broadens the range of options a great deal,” Best-Hall’s Regional Sales Manager Jari Hietala explains.