Fabric Structures

A steel framed, PVC-covered Best-Hall building is a flexible, versatile and economical solution for building construction and roofing projects.

Safety from steady foundations

Best-Hall buildings do not necessarily require conventional foundations, as they can be installed onto asphalt using a special steel rod anchoring technique developed by Best-Hall. Among similar methods, this is the only anchoring technique tested by VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, and it ensures that Best-Hall buildings stay firmly put whatever the conditions. The steel rod anchoring technique also speeds up the installation of the building. Best-Hall buildings can also be assembled on concrete foundations, where local wind and snow loads dictate - or to meet specific client´s requirements. 

Durable steel frame

The frame of a Best-Hall construction is made frrom first-class steel. The comprehensive surface treatment of the steel frame ensures strenght even in demanding weather conditions. Moreover, each Best-Hall building is a bespoke design, which means that the building is always engineered and built with local wind and snow loads as well as any potential conveyor and crane loads in mind.

Architectural Membrane Cover

The cover material used in Best-Hall buildings is fully-recyclable, PVC-coated polyester fabric. The fabric is fyll airtight, which makes controlling the building´s humidity levels efficient. The strenght and colour of the cover fabric is customized to each specific project. The white roofing material is translucent making the buildings feel more spacious and light.

Best-Hall buildings are quick to assemble, and can be flexibly adapted to different needs, making them a viable long-term solution.

Best-Hall buildings are extremely quick to install compared to traditional construction methods: It can take less than two weeks to complete a building of 1,000 square metres. The short installation time is down to lack of concrete foundations, which also makes the construction process more cost-effective and straightforward.

Best-Hall buildings are modular, which means that they can be dismantled and rebuilt, or moved to a different location as a complete hall. The buildings are also highly adaptable: They can be insulated, divided or extended, new doors added and properties altered at any point during the building´s lifetime.

Dr. Who

70 x 43 / 4.8-9.6 m Cardiff, United Kingdom

Arena Nordvest

187 x 73 / 4 m Kristiansund, Norway


99 x 60 / 3 m Kotka, Finland