Sports halls for training, competitions and events

Utilise your sports hall diversely

Our sports halls can be easily modified, and they accommodate several kinds of sports as well as large public events. Best-Hall sports halls include a genuinely open space without supporting columns.


All of our buildings are equipped with high-quality steel frames that withstand changing weather conditions and different kinds of use.

Partition walls and nets make the premises suitable for a range of sports

You can equip your Best-Hall with partition walls and nets. This way, the building can provide training facilities for people who are engaged in different sports.

Excellent value for money

If you’re looking for a high-quality building that can be used for decades with minimal maintenance requirements, look no further.

Fabric Structures

A high-quality building with a PVC fabric cover that can withstand all conditions, providing you with the best possible environment for your operations.

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Our experts are happy to assist you throughout your construction projects!


A sports hall that supports
your business


An appearance that supports your brand

We can provide you with a wide selection of different colours for the building, so that you can select the ones that suit your company. It is also possible to include your company logo in the building’s walls and roof according to your measurements. The building also represents your company.



Thanks to the modifiability of the premises and the variety of equipment available, Best-Hall buildings can be used as production and storage facilities as well as venues for sports and other events.


Custom door locations and sizes

You can choose the sizes, locations and possible automation of the building’s doors according to what suits your activities best! Our selection of doors includes several alternatives, which can be specifically customised for you.


Heating and insulation

Our buildings can be entirely insulated or divided into areas with separate thermal insulation and temperature management solutions according to your requirements.


Ventilation and dehumidification

The building can be ventilated either with the use of roof exhaust fans or natural ventilation. Alternatively, you can opt for an efficient automated dehumidification system that maintains the humidity level of the building at a constant level and guarantees stable conditions all year long. The effect of the air dehumificator can be optimised according to your requirements.



The interior of the building can be equipped with a comprehensive and high-quality lighting system that meets the requirements of your activities.


Partition walls increase the level of multifunctionality

You can also divide the large hall into smaller parts with partition walls. You can divide the space into smaller areas with partition walls. We deliver and install the walls.


Side shelters and special solutions

Side shelters can be installed on one or both sides of the building to provide additional shelter. We can also provide you with a canopy-like space in front of the doors at the end of the building. Our buildings can also be equipped with snow covers and flumes.

Suojalammen Talli

42 x 25 / 4 m Mikkeli, Finland

Rocca al Mare Tennisekeskus

93 x 36 / 5.5 m Tallinn, Estonia

Kåsen IL

66 x 33 / 5.9 m Bryne, Norway

Anders Wiklöf Arena

72 x 36 / 5 m Pedersöre, Finland

Susi Training Center

92.5 x 43.5 / 5.1 m Lohja, Finland

Arena Nordvest

187 x 73 / 4 m Kristiansund, Norway