Modifications and equipment for your business needs


The type and colour of the fabric can be selected according to your needs and wishes

The strength and colour of the cover fabric are always selected site-specifically. Our selection includes special fabrics for exceptional weather conditions such as strong winds or extensive exposure to sunlight.

In addition to our selection of standard colours, custom colours are also available, subject to a separate fee. One alternative is to select a white cover for your building that lets light pass through it, increasing the spaciousness and light in the building and making additional lighting unnecessary during daylight hours. Other alternatives include coloured roof fabrics.



Accessories enable you to customise the functionality, usability and appearance of your building exactly as you wish. The selection of accessories depends on the purpose of use and geographical location of your hall, the processed products and materials and their storage requirements and standards, the size of the items you need to move, and the various environmental, fire safety and construction regulations. Best-Hall will provide you with professional assistance in estimating the need for accessories.

The need for accessories should be gauged when placing the building order so as to enable the optimal functionality of the facility already in the installation phase. Of course, we are happy to provide you with accessories at a later stage as well, if necessary.

In addition to the design, manufacturing and installation of the building, we deliver all the necessary accessories, including lighting and dehumidification systems. We will assist you in surveying your needs and, if you wish, the building can be delivered as a turnkey delivery.