Covered loading in the North Sea Port

Vlaeynatie is a freight handler with 19th century roots in the Port of Antwerp. Since then, this international company has steadily branched out within Europe. In 2015, they added the Dutch North Sea Port to their locations of operation. Activities at this Dutch port include loading and unloading, sieving, blending, bagging and shipping of dry bulk goods – specializing in fertilizer, mineral products and sugar. In 2020, to further increase their efficacy at this location, Vlaeynatie had a sustainable Best-Hall canopy installed over their newest loading station there.


Loading station for minerals

“Fertilizer was originally our main product. As it is highly corrosive, we traditionally built all our storage and loading facilities out of wood and concrete," explains Charles Huygebaert, project manager at Vlaeynatie. “In our search for a cost-effective alternative, we learned about Best-Hall. Their steel structures are extremely corrosion resistant.”

“When we wanted to cover our new loading station for mineral aggregates, we again came knocking on Best-Hall's door. We wanted to load these products dry and dust-free, and their construction system is particularly suited for this.”

Challenging project quickly completed

The roofing was urgently needed. And Best-Hall did not disappoint. The construction was completed in about four months after the plan was approved. “It was a challenging project,” says Guido Buys from Best-Hall Benelux, “because the construction had to be built around an existing installation, in perfect alignment with an existing building.”

Charles Huygebaert of Vlaeynatie looks back on the course of events with complete satisfaction: “As soon as the plans were drawn up, everything went super-fast, smoothly and correctly. The delivery and execution deadlines were respected. An excellent collaboration!”

Water- and dustproof while retaining daylight

Thanks to the high-performance PVC cover, custom-made gates and doors, and the perfect connection with the existing building, the steel construction around the loading station is completely water- and dustproof. The goods remain dry, while dust emission is contained during loading.

“An additional advantage of this ingenious solution is the translucent cover. As a result, we need little to no lighting in the loading station during the day, which saves us energy,” explains Charles Huygebaert.


About the construction


Canopy for dry and dust-free loading


Construction around loading station, adjacent to warehouse


335 m2, 7 to 10 m high


Axelse Vlakte, North Sea Port, Netherlands

Construction year                


Special features                   

Translucent cover