Umicore Delighted with New Sustainable–and Eye-catching–Site

For its Belgian site located in Hoboken, Umicore sought sustainable covering for two of its open-air storage areas. The global player in material technology usually develops its own solutions, but this time it wanted to rely on an existing answer. They found it with Best-Hall.

External recommendations lead to surprising results

According to Kris Van de Weyer, Head of Internal Logistics at Umicore, the collaboration with Best-Hall was a real game changer. “Since we are an engineering company, normally we perform our own engineering from the start. It was new for us to let go and rely on an external party based solely on references. Through our partners at the Port of Antwerp, we came to discover Best-Hall."

“Immediately, we were impressed by Best-Hall's customized options, as well as their knowledge and expertise. The open communication and quick way of working also charmed us from the beginning.”

A fast and functional solution

“We needed coverings in short order for two storage areas for various raw materials and intermediate products. The fact that Best-Hall could produce sheds quickly and install them in just two months was a decisive argument in purchasing from them,” says Kris Van de Weyer.

In addition, modularity was another significant advantage. Best-Hall could customize covers to fit existing structures perfectly.

Van de Weyer finds the one-piece reinforced fabric that covers the entire structure (with a surface area of 8,500 sq. meters) truly impressive. The fact it lets in light is a bonus. Less energy is needed for lighting compared to other hangars.

Architectural and structural gem

“I must confess, as a structural engineer, I really enjoy these constructions: the clever craftsmanship of tubes and rods makes for a lightweight cover,” says Kris Van de Weyer.

“I come from a family with quite a few architects and so have an affinity with beautiful things; I find these storage areas not only functional but also handsomely designed. They are not the typical industrial buildings, but rather a striking landmark. Visible to everyone–on site and off–leads to receiving a lot of positive feedback.”


About the Construction

Purpose: Cover existing storage areas

Solution: Warehouse covered with reinforced, fire-retardant PVC fabric

Dimensions: 5500 m2 surface area x 19.8 m height

Location: Hoboken, Antwerp, Belgium

Year of Construction: 2021

Special Features: Translucent cover