Mexico Natie

Relocatable fabric buildings for steel storage in Port of Antwerp-Bruges

Mexico Natie is a logistics service provider with several sites in the port of Antwerp. The company offers its customers integrated logistics solutions and terminal operations. As every disadvantage has its advantage, for this company the corona crisis meant an increasing demand for storage from their customers. This meant that the company quickly needed more space, but renting at other locations was not an option. The perfect solution? Two relocatable storages from Best-Hall.

Space to grow

“Mexico Natie has customers mainly in the chemical, food and steel industries. We take care of the complete logistical handling from the moment ships dock with their goods to the delivery direct to the customer’s site or vice versa - from customer to the ship,” explains Jeffi Willemsen, Business Development Manager of Mexico Natie. “Our activities include loading, unloading, storage and transport, and all terminal operations such as customs clearance, possible repackaging of the goods and so on.”

The corona crisis disrupted the entire logistics chain and drove up commodity prices. As a result, Mexico Natie experienced a sharp increase in demand for storage and handling from all their existing customers. “To meet the demand, we urgently needed additional storage space,” says Jeffi Willemsen. “Building a traditional hall would certainly take far too long, and on top of that, no contractor was available to start the project right away.”


The best of 3 options

“That left three options,” Jeffi Willemsen continues. “Either we had to rent buildings externally, but that would mean extra travel for the staff. We could also rent tents and set them up on our own site, but we questioned their sturdiness. In addition, our company is asset-driven and we prefer to have our resources and buildings under our own management.

Then we discovered Best-Hall and they offered us the best option: build our own warehouse at lightning speed.”

Gorgeous, relocatable construction

The short delivery time was decisive in the decision to opt for Best-Hall. “And Best-Hall did what they promised. At the end of December we ordered two fabric buildings, and four months later they were up and running!” exclaims Jeffi Willemsen. “To be honest, we were also impressed by the size and beauty of the fabric structures. We are certainly pleased with this gorgeous, imposing construction.”

With their ridge height of 13 meters, free spans of 45 meters and a total area of 6000 square meters, the warehouses immediately catch your eye on the site. They won't stay there forever, though. “We’ve had the halls placed on a site that is already paved, but in the long term we will have them moved. We certainly found that to be one of the plus points of the halls, that it is easy and relatively inexpensive to relocate them,” concludes the Business Development Manager.



About the construction

Intended use                           Storage of steel

Solution                                    Two storage halls on existing site

Dimensions                             6,000 m2 surface x 13 m height

Location                                   Port of Antwerp-Bruges, Antwerp, Belgium

Year of construction             2022

Special features                     Relocatable