An insulated fabric-covered building makes year-round training possible

The Norwegian football club, Furnes Football, decided to purchase a building where children and young people could play football all year round despite the snow and sub-zero weather of the winter months. After visiting the neighbouring club’s Best-Hall building, the football club was convinced that they should also construct an insulated fabric-covered building in Furnes.

The local football club in Furnes, a small town located near Lillehammer, has over 400 members, and it is the second largest club offering sports activities for children and youth in the region. The club’s operation strongly relies on the active participation of parents.

After deciding to build a sports building that would allow football practices during the winter, the goal was to find a solution that would be as economical as possible.

“We wanted a building that would be well insulated and could be kept at a minimum temperature of 6°C in a cost-effective way. At first, we considered acquiring a steel building, but it would have exceeded our budget.”

However, an insulated fabric-covered building proved to be the perfect solution, due to its energy efficiency and construction costs.

All wishes were fulfilled

The football club wanted their large investment to meet the club’s needs perfectly. Best-Hall’s solution received praise for its flexibility, and the football club also appreciated the excellent cooperation, from the high-quality design work to the last-minute adjustments made with the installation team.

“The designers created a building that was perfectly sized for our needs with cover fabrics in our club’s own colours. The installation team was amazing and cooperation with them was excellent.”

An initial concern regarding the acoustics also proved to be unnecessary; though the 3243 m² building has a slight echo, even at the children’s fast-paced practices, the noise level isn’t too loud.

Better opportunities to practice football brings joy

The new building has made practising during winter not only more enjoyable but also easier than it was before, when snow clearance and maintenance of the outdoor field took a lot of work and money.

A large part of the town’s children plays in one of the football club’s 26 teams. With the new building, the club has received much needed additional space for practising.

“The building has increased our capacity, and it has been in use for the entire spring and summer. Better opportunities for year-round training have brought great joy to both children and everyone else here at Furnes.”

Furnes Football’s positive experience has also convinced another Norwegian club to purchase an insulated fabric-covered building from Best-Hall.

“First, we got excited about our neighbouring club’s wonderful building, and now Ridabu has been inspired by our great experiences.”