Arena Nordvest

Arena Nordvest in Kristiansund provides facilities for all kinds of ice sports


In 2018 one dream came true in Kristiansund Norway. A new fabric structure finally covered the ice stadium. The climate change had shortened the skating season and the predictability had sunk drastically. Best-Hall built a custom-made fabric structure with round gable ends.

Norwegian teacher, who has always been passionate about speed skating, Tor Olsen wanted to fulfil his dream of lengthening the skating season in Kristiansund. He started the process of sourcing a building for skating. ”Several companies came to visit us. We met almost the entire industry. Out of all companies, Best-Hall was by far the most trustworthy in every way.”

In the 187 m long and 73 m wide building there are areas for different ice sports: figure skating, speed skating, ice hockey, bandy and even curling. It was important to create facilities for many kinds of activity, something for everyone. In addition the big open area provides chance for activity for those who are not involved in organized activity and sports.

The building is also used for events: festivals, concerts, exhibitions, etc. In this size of a building, 12500 m2, it is easy to drive in and start installing the needed equipment, stages, lighting, etc.

The building is a fabric structure with steel frame. The fabric is translucent and lets the daylight in. At the same time the fabric protects the skaters from rain, snow and wind as well as the ice from the warm spring sun.