Åndalsnes IF

“The most spectacular sports building in Norway” serves the whole municipal community

In Romsdal, Western Norway, the sports club ÅIF needed year-round facilities for football. Built in three months, the brand-new Best-Hall sports facility offers optimal conditions for football enthusiasts big and small.


In the mountainous landscape of Western Norway, strong winds blowing from different directions and heavy rains and snowstorms require a sports building to be resilient. The new Best-Hall is designed to withstand changing weather conditions and snow loads.

“We deliver our Best-Hall buildings around the world to places with very demanding weather conditions. Our Best-Hall structures have proven to be durable, and they also provide optimal conditions for sports activities,” says Hans Christian Virik, representative of Best-Hall Norway.

A meeting place for all residents rises in three months


Measuring 60 x 80 metres in size and 17.5 metres in height, the sports facility has been welcoming activities since July 2022. The installation of the building only took three months.

“Now we can provide facilities for sports all year round. The new Best-Hall will benefit not only the football players, but also the whole club and all residents. Every Norwegian town should get a building like this,” suggests Aksel Berget Skjølsvik, head of Åndalsnes IF.

Indeed, the building is developing into a lively meeting place for all residents. A kitchen, kiosk and gym are currently being built at the north end of the Best-Hall structure.

“The modular building offers a wide range of possibilities. It will host events ranging from concerts to dance festivals,” says Marcus Brevik, father and coach of a football enthusiast.

The common areas of the facility will be completed by other operators, but Best-Hall has factored everything into its own work to ensure optimal results. Skjølsvik believes that the new sport building will be the most spectacular sports facility in Norway.

Half a million saved thanks to support from Best-Hall


Skjølsvik extends warm gratitude to Best-Hall for the comprehensive support, which has helped to keep costs under control.

“We were responsible for the overall project. However, we would not have done so well without the support Best-Hall provided to our building project team.”

The Best-Hall team supported the building project team by providing advice on excavation and foundation work, among other things. According to Skjølsvik, the advice resulted in savings of up to NOK 0.5 million.

“Best-Hall’s employees are very professional and solution oriented. We received help when we needed it. The cooperation with Hans Christian Virik has also worked well. He is always quick to answer questions and diligent in monitoring the progress and deadlines of the project.”

The sports facility is expected to be fully completed in November 2022. The building has surpassed Skjølsvik’s expectations.

“The quality of the Best-Hall bulding is better than I had anticipated. Not only that, it looks more like a regular building than an industrial warehouse. We are very pleased to have chosen Best-Hall. In retrospect, it is safe to say that the results would have been nowhere near as good with other suppliers.”