Proven premium durability and quality

We guarantee that we will provide you with an exceptionally safe building solution made to withstand even the most demanding conditions. You can be certain about what you are going to get when buying a Best-Hall building.

The frame structures of all our buildings are extremely durable. We only use European SSAB and Tata Steel S420* tubular steel in our frames, which are stronger than “standard steel”. In accordance with the quality system, all materials are traceable, tested and equipped with a material certificate.

ISO 9001 and CE certifications

Our operations are based on a quality management system, ISO 9001, which was certified as early as in 1993, and the principles of sustainable development. The construction of the company’s steel frames is based on compliance with the EN 1090 standard.

Naturally, this has allowed us to bear the European CE marking up to the EXC 3 class for supporting structures. The requirements of the CE marking include welding procedure tests, welder qualifications, International Welding Engineer (IWE) level in-house welding coordinators and NDT inspections.

Building operating conditions taken into account from the start

The structures of every building are always individually scaled for the environmental, wind and snow loads of each building location. Some of our designers hold the qualification of designer of steel structures (AA) granted by FISE, which is the highest level possible in steel construction.

The operating conditions are always taken into account when determining a project’s environment category. We have created different operating methods for different environment categories. Powder coating, which is not yet commonly used in the treatment of steel structure surfaces, enables all environment categories from C3 to C5. The coating is performed in our own powder coating shop, which is one of the largest in Northern Europe.

We perform hot-dip galvanisation on our steel frames only in exceptional circumstances. Thanks to the powder coating, the smooth and hard coated surface minimises friction between the membrane and the frame, thereby reducing abrasion of the fabric. The environmentally friendly and aesthetically appealing powder coating also gives the frame excellent corrosion protection against chemicals. The coating meets the requirements of the most demanding environment category C5, if necessary. This is widely acknowledged to be an indicator of high quality.

Dr. Who

70 x 43 / 4.8-9.6 m Cardiff, United Kingdom

Arena Nordvest

187 x 73 / 4 m Kristiansund, Norway


99 x 60 / 3 m Kotka, Finland