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The durability and high-quality materials of Best-Hall buildings make them a safe and effortless solution that requires only basic maintenance, such as cleaning the gutters and the fabric. However, accidents may occur over the building’s extensive life cycle. We are always ready to help and instruct you in matters concerning the maintenance of your building.

You can repair small damages yourself as well. For example, if the building cover is damaged by a forklift, we will provide you with an easy-to-use repair kit.

More significant maintenance needs are always evaluated on-site or based on photographs before beginning the maintenance procedures. Nevertheless, please remember that all damages and abrasions in the fabric must be repaired without undue delay.

We also perform building condition inspections!

Dr. Who

70 x 43 / 4.8-9.6 m Cardiff, United Kingdom

Arena Nordvest

187 x 73 / 4 m Kristiansund, Norway


99 x 60 / 3 m Kotka, Finland