Best-Hall covers everything

Best-Hall is the leader in product development and quality for buildings with steel lattice structures. It is a full-service supplier. Since 1975 we have delivered approximately 5,000 warehouse, industry and sports buildings to sites in Finland and abroad.

We will provide you with a turnkey delivery of your desired type of building, equipped with your selection of a cover in durable membrane or in sheet metal, wood or sandwich elements.

Our service covers every sub-area of your building investment, from contact with the authorities to design, production, accessories, installation, maintenance and adapting your building for new uses.


Best-Hall offers reliable, high-quality premises for uses of all kinds. We can deliver premises that stand the test of time, working to a quick schedule, saving you from hassle and boosting the efficiency of your business, all while meeting the latest regulations regarding buildings, fire safety and material processing.


Choose spaciousness
Best-Hall is the number one choice when you need open, unobstructed space for production, business operations, warehousing or sports, leisure and events.

Thanks to the steel frame technology we have developed, your building can be up to 100 metres wide without any columns in the way. The open space is excellent for working with machinery and fork-lift trucks, storing large items and holding public events.

To ensure unobstructed access and practicality, the sizes, locations and functionality of your building’s doors are designed according to your specific needs. The light feeling of space is accentuated by the white PVC cover material used for the roof.

The membrane cladded building can be designed and delivered as an additional space to accompany existing buildings or it can be connected to another building at the end, the side or via a connecting passage.

Invest in durability
Best-Hall building’s safety and durability are absolutely fundamental: they will not be compromised under any circumstances. The building is always designed to correspond to the local weather and natural conditions, as well as the conveyor and crane loads corresponding to the purpose of use.

The steel structure of the buildings can withstand use all year round and extreme conditions are taken into consideration in the design. We only use first-grade steel as a material for the frame. The frame is assembled to create a structure from welded tube profiles and longitudinal supports and it is shotblasted and painted using powder paint. If necessary, it may also be hot dip galvanised.

Foundation solution tested by the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland
The steel structure is anchored directly into asphalt using rigid steel rods to ensure that your building remains firmly in place under all conditions. The steel rod anchoring solution we have developed is the only method that VTT has tested for creating hall foundations. If necessitated by factors such as wide spans or unusually high loads from snow or other sources, the building can also be erected on concrete foundations.

Covers are designed, made and assembled into finished packages at the factory so they are easy to install on-site. The membrane is made from PVC-coated polyester fabrics, which can withstand varying climactic conditions and can be recycled. Alternatively, you could also choose a sheet metal, wood or sandwich element cover for your building. As standard, buildings come equipped with mechanical ventilation, which minimises the risk of dampness due to condensation.

Cost-efficiency throughout the life cycle
In terms of cost-efficiency, Best-Hall offers benefits throughout the entire life cycle of the building – benefits that traditional building construction or competitors’ copies are unable to replicate.

Steel rod anchoring saves time during delivery and installation, while reducing the costs of foundations and materials. The quality of materials and solutions, combined with tailoring to suit local conditions, makes the building an investment that can last several decades.

An important cost factor is the building’s superb usability as a means of boosting the efficiency of your operations. An open building can speed up work phases and facilitate movement and mobility. In addition, the building has the flexibility to be adapted throughout its life cycle to suit new use cases, products, materials and locations.

We will install the desired accessories into the building either in conjunction with the initial delivery or at a later date if necessary. We can also modify the size, spacial divisions and insulation of your building and add any required extensions.

Best-Hall also enables flexible solutions in the event of changes in operations. If necessary, the entire building can be relocated even to a different country. The relocatable nature of the building ensures that production, warehousing and transportation can be arranged as productively and cost-efficiently as possible.

Attractive appearance
Best-Hall also enables you to strengthen the image of your company. High-quality, durable premises with a tidy and polished appearance will present your activities and company in a positive light.

In addition to advising us on the purpose of use of your building, you can provide us with guidance on your colour preferences and the requirements set by architecture and visual elements to ensure that the building is tailored for consistency with your company’s visual image and appearance.

During the design phase, we will take into account the emblems, colours and graphical style associated with your company or organisation. For the general colour scheme of your building, you can choose from several standard colours or you can place a special order for a unique colour scheme.