Best-Hall covers everything

Best-Hall is the leader in product development and quality for buildings with steel lattice structures. It is a full-service supplier. Since 1975 we have delivered approximately 5,000 warehouse, industry and sports buildings to sites in Finland and abroad.

We will provide you with a turnkey delivery of your desired type of building, equipped with your selection of a cover in durable membrane or in sheet metal, wood or sandwich elements.

Our service covers every sub-area of your building investment, from contact with the authorities to design, production, accessories, installation, maintenance and adapting your building for new uses.


Is a building permit required for a Best-Hall building?
Yes. Best-Hall building is not a temporary weather shelter, plastic hall or tarpaulin hall – it is a safe, durable building that is always designed for the local snow and wind loads.

Could I see Best-Hall’s price list? How much does a building cost?
We price our buildings on a case-by-case basis so we do not have a price list as such.
The price per square metre is calculated on the basis of the building’s purpose of use, size, snow load, location and equipment.

Are your buildings made in China?
No. We manufacture all of our buildings at our own factory in Kälviä, Ostrobothnia, Finland.
We employ a total of approximately 120 people.

I have heard that building inspectors are beginning to demand third-party supervision for building manufacturers. What does this mean?
Regular inspections are carried out by an approved institution at factories and manufacturing locations with the aim of ensuring that products and manufacturing correspond to quality control standards. Best-Hall falls within the scope of Inspecta Sertifiointi Oy’s supervision activities and it can therefore demonstrate that its structures fulfil the requirements set by the authorities. Thanks to this, there is normally no need for complex and expensive experiments to be carried out on each construction site. Since 1993, we have had an ISO 9001 quality management system monitored by DNV.

Can your buildings be heated?
Yes. Best-Hall can install an inner liner inside your building to act as a form of light thermal insulation. If necessary, we can also install insulating wool between the fabrics.

Is membrane the only alternative for cladding?
Best-Hall offers other options besides membrane: if required, the cladding can be made from sheet metal, wood or sandwich elements.

How long does the membrane last?
Around 25–30 years. We have built buildings that are more than 30 years old and are still using the original membrane.

Can cranes be integrated into the building structure?
Various cranes and conveyors can be integrated into buildings.

How large can the door opening be in the long edge of the building without requiring columns?
Normally, door openings are 9–12 metres but we have made openings of up to 15 metres.

How high can the door be in the long side of the building?
The rule of thumb is that the door must be at least half a metre lower than the internal wall height.

Can overhead doors be installed in Best-Hall buildings?
Yes – traditional models and fabric-based ones.

Do membrane cladded buildings collect condensation?
At certain temperatures, humidity condenses in the building ceiling but this can be significantly reduced using roof extractors. If a product requires the indoor atmosphere to have a specific humidity level, it is possible to equip the building with automatic dehumidifiers.

Can your buildings be placed directly onto asphalt?
Yes. Best-Hall building can be installed onto asphalt if the building size, snow load and other possible loads permit this.

What type of asphalt base is required?
When we deliver the contracts for the building we will also send a drawing that shows the requirements for the base in various areas.

What is a membrane?
The membrane used in Best-Hall’s solutions is a polyester fabric that is PVC-coated, acrylic-varnished, UV-protected and treated with an anti-mould agent.

How much does your membrane weigh?
The fabric for the membrane is available in different thicknesses and the weight varies accordingly. The thickness and weight of the membrane is determined in accordance with the size of the building and the loads acting on it.

Does the membrane need to be re-tightened?
No, we will tension the membrane into its final shape during installation.

Why is the frame of the building painted rather than galvanised?
We paint it mainly to prevent uneven parts from remaining on the frame and gradually damaging the membrane. Galvanisation is also an option: this can be done according to the customer’s needs and wishes.

What are the standard sizes of your buildings?
We always design Best-Hall solutions in accordance with customers’ needs.

What is the smallest building size that can be manufactured?
Generally 20 x 10 m, but it is always a good idea to ask us about other sizes.

What is the largest building size that can be manufactured?
Normally, the largest width is 100 metres. There is no limit to length and they can be tall, too: we have delivered buildings with wall heights of up to 15 metres.

Do you provide buildings with straight walls so that the entire width of the building can be used? Does this affect the price?
If necessary, we can also deliver a building with straight column walls. However, it is not always permitted to store materials right next to the wall. Straight walls increase the price of the hall significantly, particularly if concrete foundations are required.

How soon could you deliver a building?
The delivery time varies depending on the order. Normally, our delivery time is 8–12 weeks from the receipt of the order.

What preparations do the fitters require before they arrive on-site?
The corner points of the buiding must be marked and electricity must be available. The plot must also be cleaned to the extent required by the installation area and any snow must be shovelled/ploughed away. It is also important that underground cables and pipes are marked.

Can I fix a small cut (about 10 cm) by glueing it? Which glue do you recommend?
You can repair small cuts yourself using PVC glue, which Best-Hall can provide.

Do you sell patches of fabric?
Yes, you can get patches of fabric by calling us.

A lorry reversed into the side of my building. What is the best way to begin the repair process?
Take photographs of the damage and of the building as a whole and send them to us. This will help us to estimate the repair costs and actions required.

Our company’s logo has changed. How can the logo on the wall of the building be changed?
Best-Hall can place the new logo over the old one.

How much snow can be on the building roof?
We design Best-Hall solutions for local snow and wind loads so the structures can withstand the snow load defined for the area. In Helsinki, this is 200 kg/m2. The amount of snow that can be on the roof depends on the type of snow.

How is snow removed from the roof of the building?
If necessary, snow can be removed from the roof in the same way as for other buildings. It is important to remember occupational safety: do not go onto the roof without a harness!