Best-Hall covers everything

Best-Hall is the leader in product development and quality for buildings with steel lattice structures. It is a full-service supplier. Since 1975 we have delivered approximately 5,000 warehouse, industry and sports buildings to sites in Finland and abroad.

We will provide you with a turnkey delivery of your desired type of building, equipped with your selection of a cover in durable membrane or in sheet metal, wood or sandwich elements.

Our service covers every sub-area of your building investment, from contact with the authorities to design, production, accessories, installation, maintenance and adapting your building for new uses.


  • Control over the entire supply chain
  • Strong service expertise
  • Strong product expertise
  • High quality
  • Pioneer in membrane cladded buildings

Our business has been guided by a quality management system that received ISO 9001 certification in 1993 and by the principles of sustainable development. The design and manufacturing unit is located in Kälviä, 18 kilometres from Kokkola on the west coast of Finland. In addition to our business in Finland, we serve our international customers via our comprehensive network of agents.


Best-Hall controls the entire building construction supply chain
We manufacture the steel frames and membranes for buildings at our own plant in Kälviä, Finland, making the most of our extensive experience and professional competence, as well as the best technical solutions. In addition to building deliveries, we can also provide support for working with the authorities, as well as accessories and design, installation and maintenance services. If your needs change further down the line, we can modify the size, floor plan arrangement and equipment of your building. We can even relocate it to a completely different site.

Partnerships based on service are a matter of pride for us
We control our own manufacturing and project management, ensuring that quotes and deliveries take place flexibly and rapidly according to the agreed timetables. As our customer, you will receive from us a tailor-made building solution and life-cycle support. We actively develop products and services on the basis of customer feedback.

Strong product expertise guarantees durability
Decades of research and development have resulted in excellent building features in terms of durability, environmental characteristics and fire safety, as well as floor plan arrangements and accessories that boost functionality. A good example of our ability to innovate is our steel rod anchoring method, which has been verified by the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland.

Having delivered thousands of membrane cladded buildings, we have the expertise required to optimise the details and features of the steel frame and membrane. Steel-framed buildings can withstand heavy use, even in several climactic conditions, while retaining a strong appearance from year to year. The internal areas do not have any supporting columns to obstruct activities or views, so the buildings provide open spaces suitable for various different uses.

Quality is the basis for the technical solutions and strong materials
Our trained and experienced designers can make your wishes a reality without compromising on responsibility and safety. When designing and manufacturing structures, we comply with all applicable norms and we always grant guarantees for our deliveries.

The steel frames are manufactured in compliance with Finnish SFS standards and German SLV criteria. We use the best fabric materials on the market to guarantee the quality of the membranes. We pay special attention to the finishings on products, both outside and in.

Pioneer in membrane cladded buildings
Best-Hall is well known for its diverse range of design solutions and for keeping its promises. Extensive experience and customer satisfaction are demonstrated by the large number of international references – a few examples of these are set out here.


Warehouse hall, Felbermayr, Austria

One end of the hall is narrower; the frame is asymmetric.

Logistics hall, Structo, Sweden

A sloping hall with areas of different widths connected to an existing building.

Sports hall, AndersUdde, Åland

An arena structure with an opening in the centre.

Warehouse hall, Agrograin, Hungary


Warehouse hall, Agrograin, Hungary


Sports hall, Seminole Tribe of Florida, USA.

A rodeo arena with open sides.

Warehouse hall, Castrol, Austria

Straight column walls.

Harbour hall, Sölvesborgs Stuveri & Hamn Ab, Sweden

Hall for two ships, columns in the centre c/c 9 m.