The covering of the Ice Skating Arena in Norway

A straight part of the massive 12,500 square metre`s Ice Skating Arena has been covered in Kristiansund, Norway. Serge Ferrari‘s high quality and fireproof Précontraint 1202 S2 has been used as the covering material. The total weight of the cover is 24,000 kg. The white fabric passes through the light and adds even more space and luminosity to the gigantic Best-Hall Arena. This Ice Skating Arena will include 2 curling tracks, ice rink, 400-meter long skating track, and ice dancing/public skating area. This Best-Hall will be the first fabric covered Ice skating Arena for long-distance skating in Norway. Due to the limited space of the site, the Best-Hall has rounded ends. Follow the project on the Asennustiimi Karhula & Niemelä`s FB pages.