Port storage

Port storage, France

In 2008, Best-Hall delivered two port storage halls for Sogebras, a company operating in the Montoir de Bretagne port terminal in Trignac, France. Sogebras stores all kinds of materials brought in by ships.

In the beginning, the first hall was used for storing bagged sugar, for example. Best-Hall erected an 8-metre wide side shelter for the entire length of the hall for the protection of further loading. The sizes of the doors were 12 x 8 m and 8 x 6 m. 

In an interview published in a French newspaper in 2008, manager Johann Feltgen from the Sogebras Saint-Nazaire unit admits to being happy about the finishing of the project after two years of negotiations on the location and the availability of the sites in the independent port.


Best-Hall erected two halls of 3,000 m2 on the 22,500 m2 site. "The first hall should be in use by the beginning of December, and the second hall at the end of the year," Feltgen revealed in his interview, while explaining the innovative design of the hall. The halls were made in Finland for extreme weather conditions. The frames consist of metal arcs, on top of which a fabric covering was stretched. "This system allows plenty of space and height for the hall without any excess columns, which makes it easier for the machinery to manoeuvre."

Feltgen believes that using closed halls and open outdoor spaces allows the company to store more varied raw materials and products than ever before. "In addition to developing the operations of Sogebras, these storage halls promote the development of the entire port by bringing in new material flows for import and export alike."



  • Hall type: Port storage
  • Delivered to: Sogebras, Mointoir de Bretagne, France
  • Dimensions: 74 x 40/7 m
  • Foundation: asphalt  

Port Storage, France


The building was finished in the spring 2015. It was built to protect Airbus A320 aircraft body parts from the harsh weather conditions of western coast of France. As the parts arrive to the port by ship they are moved to the new Best-Hall to wait for transportation to the assembly plant. 



  • Hall type: Port storage
  • Delivered to: Idea Logistique, Montoir de Bretagne, France
  • Dimensions: 75 x 30/9.5 m
  • Foundation: asphalt
  • Technical details: Sliding doors 18 x 9 on both gable ends

Port storage, Sweden

Every three to five years, Best-Hall has delivered a total of seven port storage facilities for the Swedish Sölvesborgs Stuveri och Hamn Ab. The first hall was constructed and installed in 1993, and the last in 2007.

"The weather and wind conditions are particularly harsh in port areas. Best-Hall has proved to be the right hall solution for Sölvesborg's needs, due to their high quality and competitive pricing," says Jan-Erik Olsson, the managing director of the port.



  • Hall type: Port storage
  • Delivered to: Sölvesborgs Stuveri och Hamn Ab, Sweden
  • Dimensions: a total of 7 halls of various sizes, the greatest width being 48 m
  • Foundation: asphalt, except a concrete foundation for the intermediate columns in the two-span hall. 

Port of Szczecin, Poland, 180 x 42.8/7.2


DBT, Estonia, 225 x 58


Åhus Hamn och Stuveri, Sweden, 80 x 45/7 


Port of Raahe, Finland, 102 x 58/7


Martin Butterly, Ireland, 100 x 22/7 


SSG Meyer, Germany, 51 x 40/5.9 


Port of Kalajoki, Finland, 50 x 30/5.9


Port of Kalajoki, Finland, 56 x 33/5.9


Belfast Harbour, Northern Ireland, 72.1 x 37/7 


Bord Na Mona, Ireland, 30 x 25/4 


Port of Turku, Finland, 125 x 40/5.9