Service throughout your building's life cycle

Best-Hall provides reliable, high-quality building products and it also provides support in all matters related to servicing, maintaining and using your building throughout its life cycle.

We will install and maintain your building, deliver the accessories you need and handle relocation of your building if necessary, all with professional competence, efficiency and reliability. Best-Hall will be there for you!


As your business changes, you may also need to change the location of your Best-Hall building. We are ready to help you relocate your building to a new site.

If the distance is short and space is sufficient, the entire building can be relocated as-is using cranes. In such cases, we usually also replace the building anchoring rods and joint part of membrane to the ground. To ensure that the relocation goes smoothly, we also recommend replacing the anchors – this will ensure that the anchors are ready in the new location when the building is moved into place.

If the new location is more than just a few hundred metres from the original site, our experienced fitters will first disassemble your building and then re-erect it with due professional care in the new location. When we relocate buildings to new areas, we take into account any differences between the localities in terms of snow loads and we can reinforce your building as necessary.

Relocating an entire building at one time requires special installation expertise. Do not take any risks! Call Best-Hall’s professionals.



In 2009, Best-Hall relocated the large L19 warehouse in Helsinki’s West Harbour. The terminal building was to be relocated in one piece. Preparations were made for lifting during the evening before the relocation and work began in the morning. The relocation took 12 hours and by the evening, the building had been moved 200 metres and rotated to a different angle. All in all, the project to relocate the building took almost three weeks.

  • Delivery type: Best-Hall service
  • Site: Helsinki West Harbour, relocation of warehouse L19, Helsinki, Finland
  • Dimensions of the building (transferred in one piece): 74 x 30 / 5 m

Pekka Haikonen, Construction Manager at the Port of Helsinki, describes the flow of the project:

“The Port of Helsinki originally purchased a Best-Hall port storage in spring 2006 for use as a warehouse. When the tenant who was operating in the building moved elsewhere, we had no further use for the building solely as a warehouse area. We identified a new purpose of use for the warehouse: a passenger terminal for the cruise vessels that visit the West Harbour in the summer. However, this required us to move the building closer to the quay, about 200 metres from the original location.

As the distance was so short, Best-Hall proposed that the building be relocated in one or two pieces. The ideas developed into a relocation plan, whereby the building was to be moved in a single piece using mobile cranes. And so, in May 2009, Best-Hall relocated the building using six robust Pekkaniska mobile cranes.

The relocation went very well. The Port of Helsinki had asphalted the base of the new site for the building in advance. Best-Hall anchored the building in its current position and sealed the joint part of the membrane onto the asphalt surface.

Since then, the old warehouse has functioned as a cruise terminal for summer visitors arriving at the West Harbour and as storage space at other times of year. Over the years, it has proven its strength and durability in the extreme weather conditions that prevail in the West Harbour. The building did not even suffer any problems during the winter of 2009–2010, which was unusually snowy.

All in all, the Best-Hall building is a highly functional entity that is suitable for several different uses – from warehouse space to passenger terminals.”


In June 2010, Best-Hall disassembled a building in the UK. The building had been erected several times – first in Finland and then twice in the UK. The building foundations have changed from asphalt to concrete and the cover has been replaced once but the frame structure has remained the same throughout. As YIT’s construction sites have changed, Best-Hall has relocated the building, which is used as a warehouse, from one country to another as required.