Service throughout your building's life cycle

Best-Hall provides reliable, high-quality building products and it also provides support in all matters related to servicing, maintaining and using your building throughout its life cycle.

We will install and maintain your building, deliver the accessories you need and handle relocation of your building if necessary, all with professional competence, efficiency and reliability. Best-Hall will be there for you!


Durability and high-quality materials make Best-Hall building a worry-free, easy-to-maintain solution. However, over the long lifetime of the building, accidents may happen but we are ready to help and guide you in all matters related to maintaining your building.

You can fix minor damage yourself: for example, if the membrane of your building is damaged by a fork-lift truck, we can provide you with an easy-to-use repair kit. In the event of something more major – for example, a truck reversing into the wall of the building – we will come to you to repair any damage because faulty parts should be replaced.

If your building is in need of maintenance, contact us by telephone, email or the contact form on this website.

Yngve Nyholm
Tel: +358 6 832 5096
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Päivi Karhulahti
Tel: +358 6 832 5020
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