Service throughout your building's life cycle

Best-Hall provides reliable, high-quality building products and it also provides support in all matters related to servicing, maintaining and using your building throughout its life cycle.

We will install and maintain your building, deliver the accessories you need and handle relocation of your building if necessary, all with professional competence, efficiency and reliability. Best-Hall will be there for you!


Best-Hall’s numerous benefits include faster installation than with traditional construction. Thanks to extensive product development, professional design and manufacturing carried out at our own plant, we are able to minimise the time needed for installation. Our professional fitters have substantial experience in installing halls, using appropriate working practices and ensuring occupational safety. In most cases, the only machinery required for installation is hoisting and transportation equipment.

The steel rod anchoring method developed by Best-Hall helps to speed up installation while ensuring that your building remains firmly in place. In most cases, asphalt is sufficient for the foundations – we are able to install the anchors for the steel structure directly into the asphalt.

We tighten the cover into its final shape during installation so there is no need for subsequent tightening. Best-Hall buildings can retain their stylish form and structure for decades!


First, the Best-Hall fitters “nail” the anchors in place…

…and group the elements of the frame on the site of the hall, before joining them using bolt connections to make sections of framework.

Next, the frame is erected one section at a time and the sections are connected to each other.

After the frame is installed, the cover is lifted over the top.

The cover is connected to the frame and tightened carefully.

The last step is to lift the end fabric and connect it to the frame.