Membrane cladded buildings

Steel framed buildings with membrane cladding combine durability with good looks

Best-Hall’s PVC-covered steel-framed building offers a spectrum of possibilities for your business. The framework can withstand time, weather conditions and relocation, as well as the critical gaze of the aesthete. A long life cycle, first-class durability and flexible adaptability made Best-Hall the ideal operating premises for you to boost your business efficiency over the long term.

Thanks to the adaptable nature of the space and the diverse range of accessories, Best-Hall building is suitable for use as production and warehousing premises, as well as for sports and events. Contact us and request a quote for a building tailored to your own needs!

Warehouse building for storage, production and sales

Best-Hall’s warehouse building provides new flexibility for production and commercial premises. An open, column-free space enables mechanical work and handling of large items in the warehouse, which can be equipped with door solutions to meet your needs. When we design the frame and the membrane, we will take into account the conveyor structures and mechanical loading shafts that you specify and we will install them into place.

The warehouse building is a convenient place to store your bulk products, such as ground and granular materials, refined products and timber. If also offers safe protection for individual goods if it is used as a building for machines, equipment or boats.

Optimise the productivity of your premises

Individually tailored solution
The membrane cladded steel structure offers flexible premises with protection from natural conditions, making it a good place to store or sell vehicles, work machinery and equipment. You can use partition walls to divide the large building into smaller parts. You can select the sizes, locations and level of automation of the doors in accordance with the products you are storing. If desired, we can also equip your building with a snow shelter and rain water goods.

For all types of product
The warehouse building is a protective solution for all phases of production. You can use it to store raw materials, intermediate goods and finished products, from paper to steel and from individual parts to household appliances. Naturally, you can also use the building as production premises.

Since 1975 we have developed, built and installed our membrane cladded, factory-made steel buildings for the paper and pulp industry, the packaging industry – for storing cardboard and plastic – and for the mechanical engineering industry – for storing raw materials and equipment.


Elho, Finland

Oy Elho Ab, a manufacturer of work machines and machines for agricultural contractors, has received positive feedback on its new warehouse building in Pännäinen from passers-by as well as the company’s own personnel. The building is mostly coloured light blue to support the company’s graphical image and it is in a highly visible location alongside the busy highway 8.

“In addition to fulfilling its intended purpose, our new building also serves as an effective advertisement. We consider it important that our company’s image is visible in everything that we do – including our buildings,” says Dan-Johan Löfvik, Elho’s Managing Director.

The warehouse building is one of Best-Hall’s 3D-modelled buildings. The design is visualised in three dimensions, helping customers to reach a decision – the images are considerably more representative of the building’s ultimate appearance than earlier 2D models. In Elho’s case, Best-Hall’s designer created several alternatives for the building exterior.

The 2,000-square-metre building, equipped with overhang on eaves, was commissioned in summer 2012. “We use the warehouse building to store items such as welding jigs, components and raw materials belonging to the welding department. The new building provided welcome relief – we had needed more space for some time,” says Löfvik.

  • Hall type: General warehousing
  • Site: Pännäinen, Finland
  • Dimensions: 59 x 34 / 5 m
  • Foundations: asphalt
  • Other solutions: overhang on eaves

Feedex, Finland

Oy Feedex Ab, a manufacturer of agricultural feed and feed for fur-producing animals, has a new warehouse building in Pedersöre, Finland. The building is a good example of Best-Hall’s multitude of tailoring options. The 2,000-square-metre building, which was commissioned in summer 2012 and is used as a granary, was designed according to the customer’s wishes, both in terms of the purpose of use and the appearance.

Best-Hall’s overhang on eaves solution, which offers several benefits, brings added value to Feedex’s warehouse building. The most significant benefit may be related to the building appearance – the overhang enables the walls of the building to remain cleaner as rainwater is not left to drain freely down the walls. Additionally, experience has shown that the construction authorities also appreciate overhang solutions. Overhang on eaves can be installed on all types of Best-Hall buildings.

  • Hall type: General warehousing
  • Site: Pedersöre, Finland
  • Dimensions: 66 x 30 / 5 m
  • Foundations: asphalt
  • Other solutions: overhang on eaves

Sita Solving, France

In 2008 Airbus’ real estate maintenance company took delivery of a warehouse building where it stores equipment and machinery used for real estate maintenance. One of the long sides of the building has a three-part sliding door measuring 24 metres in width.

  • Hall type: General warehousing
  • Site: Bouguenais, France
  • Dimensions: 40 x 25 / 5.9 m
  • Foundations: concrete
  • Other solutions: three-part sliding door

Agrograin, Hungary

Agrograin, a company that operates globally, required a bulk warehouse in Hungary. Best-Hall created a hemisphere with a diameter of 61.8 metres to function as a granary in 2006. Including the base, the hemisphere’s maximum height is 40 metres. The installation was challenging but the result is reliable premises for storing an enormous amount of grain.

  • Hall type: General warehousing
  • Site: Hungary
  • Dimensions: diameter 61.8 m, height 40 m
  • Foundations: concrete
  • Other solutions: hemisphere

Natoil, Kazakhstan

In 2004, Best-Hall delivered two buildings to Natoil, a Norwegian oil company. The buildings function as oil-industry warehouses on the Caspian Sea and they are located on an artificial island 20–30 kilometres from the shore. The natural conditions in the area are tough, with very cold winters and hot summers; the temperature difference between summer and winter can be up to 80 °C and there is also substantial wind load.

Drilling for oil is an expensive business and oil companies must be able to trust their infrastructure completely. To ensure this, Natoil selected a Best-Hall delivery.

In 2010, Best-Hall delivered four more buildings for the man-made island. At the same time, the two existing buildings were relocated to an area closer to the new halls.

  • Hall type: General warehousing
  • Site: Caspian Sea, Kazakhstan
  • Dimensions: 76 x 39 m and 28 x 35 m
  • Foundations: concrete
  • Other solutions: inner liner

Twinmax, Finland

60 x 30 / 7 m

Byggmax, Finland

53 x 19 / 6.5 m

Agrotel, Germany

81 x 40 / 5.9 m

Frankstahl, Austria

66 x 34 / 5 m

Piilinen, Finland

100 x 25 / 5 m

AlzChem, Germany

71.6 x 23.6 / 5 m

Agri Janzé, France

36 x 28 / 5 m

Finnair, Finland

48 x 31 / 12.5 m

Norilsk Nickel, Finland

112 x 30 / 5.5 m

K-Group Europe, Finland

99 x 40 / 5.9 m

JuroClean, Finland

24 x 12 / 5 m

LS-Kiinteistöt, Finland

27 x 15 / 5 m

AP-Tela, Finland

51 x 20 / 5 m

Earthpac, Finland

72 x 36 / 9.3 m

Valukumpu, Finland

24 x 16 / 5.9 m

Bewi Styrochem, Finland

76 x 45 / 5 m

Bolloré, France

110 x 50 / 8 m