Membrane cladded buildings

Steel framed buildings with membrane cladding combine durability with good looks

Best-Hall’s PVC-covered steel-framed building offers a spectrum of possibilities for your business. The framework can withstand time, weather conditions and relocation, as well as the critical gaze of the aesthete. A long life cycle, first-class durability and flexible adaptability made Best-Hall the ideal operating premises for you to boost your business efficiency over the long term.

Thanks to the adaptable nature of the space and the diverse range of accessories, Best-Hall building is suitable for use as production and warehousing premises, as well as for sports and events. Contact us and request a quote for a building tailored to your own needs!


Best-Hall’s timber storage will boost the competitiveness of your entire supply chain. The light structure of the building, combined with cost-efficiency and flexible usability, offer significant competitive advantages for warehousing and processing large qualities of timber.

We have delivered almost 200 timber storage buildings in Finland and more than 200 to other European countries. Our buildings are used for purposes such as loading, unloading and interim storage at harbours, storing timber at sawmills, storage and protection for companies in the wood processing industry, storing and production premises for wood-working companies, and service premises for timber shops.


Safe warehousing
The building guarantees effective, year-round storage for your timber, even in severe weather conditions. The completely airtight cover material protects your timber from moisture damage caused by rain and snow, as well as from excessive sunlight, while also protecting packaging materials from the wind. Working with fork-lift trucks becomes more efficient when there is no snow or ice between piles of timber.

Effective air-drying
Due to strict quality control regulations and variations in wood materials, you need effective systems for managing warehousing conditions.

The Best-Hall solution includes automatic doors and automatic dehumidifying systems tailored to your needs to ensure that the moisture content of the timber remains stable regardless of the season or weather. The power of the dehumidifier is optimised in accordance with the humidity required for timber and the internal volume of your building, ensuring that the material remains high in quality and the warehouse is energy-efficient.

Flexible adaptability
Best-Hall offers cost-efficient flexibility for managing changes in businesses and markets. The timber storage is made from a steel lattice structure with a composite material containing polyester fabric and PVC topcoat as a cover and it is easy to change, expand or relocate in accordance with changes in your warehousing or premises needs.


Veljet Kuusisto, Finland

Veljet Kuusisto Oy needed timber warehousing space near national road 8 in Laitila, Finland. Best-Hall delivered a cost-efficient warehouse in 2010. The building is 100 metres long and 30 metres wide, with a free internal height of 6 metres. The building is also equipped with a canopy, which offers additional covered space along one of its sides.

  • Hall type: timber storage
  • Site: Laitila, Finland
  • Dimensions: 100 x 30 / 6 m
  • Foundations: asphalt
  • Other solutions: canopy on the side of the building

Silverwood, France

Two halls: the first (81 x 32 / 5.9 m) delivered in 2003 and the second (50 x 35 / 5.9 m) delivered in 2004.

  • Hall type: timber storage
  • Site: Lormont, France
  • Dimensions: 81 x 32 / 5.9 m and 50 x 35 / 5.9 m
  • Foundations: asphalt

Fåvang Sag og Hövleri, Norway

The timber stogage delivered by Best-Hall serves the sales and warehousing needs of Norwegian company Fåvang Sag og Hövleri A/S. The timber storage delivered to the Fåvang sawmill in 2002 guarantees storage of consistent quality for wood and sawn timber products in every season. “Even large batches of timber retain consistent quality regardless of the weather thanks to Best-Hall’s technical solutions and high-quality building delivery,” says Rune Voldsrud, Director of Fåvang Sag og Hövleri A/S.

  • Hall type: timber storage
  • Site: Fåvang, Norway
  • Dimensions: 57 x 32 / 5 m
  • Foundations: asphalt
  • Other solutions: door opening 8 x 6 m

Interspan Tschopp, Switzerland

66 x 45 / 9 m

Holz Hahn, Austria

60 x 19 / 5.9 m

Stefl Holzhandel, Austria

54 x 23.5 / 5.9 m

Lista-Center, Finland

60 x 25 / 5 m

Junnikkala, Finland

70 x 40 / 5.9 m

Moelven, Norway

51 x 40 / 5.9 m

SAS Sodil, France

30 x 20 / 5 m

Vapo Timber, Finland

88 x 35 / 7 m

PK-Puu, Finland

49 x 30 / 5.9 m

Lappi Timber, Finland

51 x 52 / 5.9 m

Viitala Forest, Finland

60 x 16 / 5.9 m

Nordautomation, Finland

49 x 30 / 5.9 m

LapWall, Finland

105 x 45 / 5 m + 105 x 50 / 5 m

Prima Timber, Finland

60 x 28 / 5.9 m