Membrane cladded buildings

Steel framed buildings with membrane cladding combine durability with good looks

Best-Hall’s PVC-covered steel-framed building offers a spectrum of possibilities for your business. The framework can withstand time, weather conditions and relocation, as well as the critical gaze of the aesthete. A long life cycle, first-class durability and flexible adaptability made Best-Hall the ideal operating premises for you to boost your business efficiency over the long term.

Thanks to the adaptable nature of the space and the diverse range of accessories, Best-Hall building is suitable for use as production and warehousing premises, as well as for sports and events. Contact us and request a quote for a building tailored to your own needs!

Best-Hall Siltanosturi

Production buildings for manufacturing and warehousing

Best-Hall’s production building offers cost-effective, unobstructed premises for all of the needs your production may have. Thanks to the open, column-free space, you will be able to put every last square metre to productive use.

We can equip your building with features that you require, such as protective walls fixed to the steel frame, conveyors, bridge cranes, handling levels, thermal insulation and equipment required by the authorities. If your use case, capacity or production materials change, your building structure and equipment can be flexibly modified.

Become more efficient by using space intelligently

Solutions for various production phases
The building can be flexibly modified and can also be used as a combined production and warehousing space as areas can be easily divided and separated from each other using partition walls.

The building could be used as an “entrance hall” for timber destined for processing: this will enable you to ensure that the timber is at a suitable temperature and sufficiently dry – even in winter conditions – before it undergoes surface treatment.

Insulated production buildings are suitable for manufacturing almost any type of product. Our customers use them for producing items such as coated aluminium products, ship and car parts, steel products and furniture parts.


Volvo Eskilstuna, Sweden

Production hall (40 x 20 / 5 m) delivered in 2007 with asphalt foundations, an internal cover and corridors.

  • Hall type: production building
  • Site: Eskilstuna, Sweden
  • Dimensions: 40 x 20 / 5 m
  • Foundations: asphalt
  • Other solutions: corridors

Lappli-Talot, Finland

60 x 40 / 5 m

Aker Mäntyluoto, Finland

70 x 40 / 15 m

Levadia, Estonia

115 x 25 / 10 m

BHR, Finland

70 x 20 / 5.9 m

JFA Shipyard, France

40 x 20 / 9 m

Volvo, Sweden

73 x 30 / 5 m

Bertschi, Finland

36 x 24 / 8 m