Membrane cladded buildings

Steel framed buildings with membrane cladding combine durability with good looks

Best-Hall’s PVC-covered steel-framed building offers a spectrum of possibilities for your business. The framework can withstand time, weather conditions and relocation, as well as the critical gaze of the aesthete. A long life cycle, first-class durability and flexible adaptability made Best-Hall the ideal operating premises for you to boost your business efficiency over the long term.

Thanks to the adaptable nature of the space and the diverse range of accessories, Best-Hall building is suitable for use as production and warehousing premises, as well as for sports and events. Contact us and request a quote for a building tailored to your own needs!

Logistics warehouse for high-quality logistics

Best-Hall’s logistics warehouse is a flexible and competitive solution when you need a high-quality loading bay or protection for unloading to meet the requirements of your transportation or export activities.

Ensure that goods flow efficiently and are protected from the elements

For flexible handling of goods
The durable and versatile Best-Hall building offers protected loading, unloading and interim storage spaces with protection from weather conditions for demanding export and import shipments. The logistics warehouse solution enables lorries or trains to drive directly into the hall so loading and unloading can take place efficiently in an indoor area.

Custom-made additional solutions
To facilitate loading and unloading, you can obtain additional shelters, such as loading bays or shelters for loading and unloading. If you need additional protection for products and raw materials that you store outdoors, we can install side shelters on one or both sides of the building. If you wish, we can also build a shelter-like area in front of the doors at the gable end of the building.

Snow shelters protect fork-lift truck traffic.

Numerous accessories are available to help you boost the efficiency of your logistics operations.

The open space will make it easier to handle materials.

The height of your hall will be determined in accordance with the requirements of the logistics chain.


Byrknes Auto AS, Norway

A logistics warehouse supplied by Best-Hall in 2007 serves Byrknes Auto AS’s wide range of needs related to interim storage and distribution of food in Oslo, Norway.

Byrknes Auto AS needed spacious and functionally flexible premises to provide cold storage for imported and exported foods and for logistics related to deliveries to and from other European countries. The company handles export logistics for 60,000 tons of fresh salmon every year and interim storage, loading and onward transportation of imported fruit and vegetables at its new distribution terminal in Oslo.

“We received a distribution terminal of a high technical standard and quality for handling our products,” states Stein Inge Larsen, Byrknes Auto AS’s Director of Administration.

  • Hall type: logistics warehouse
  • Site: Oslo, Norway
  • Dimensions: 120 x 30 / 5 m = 3,600 m2
  • Foundations: asphalt

Cargohunters, Estonia

A logistics warehouse delivered in 2007 operates as a storage hotel in Tallinn, providing space for customers’ goods as well as an area for loading and unloading.

  • Hall type: logistics warehouse
  • Site: Tallinn, Estonia
  • Dimensions: 130 x 60 / 5 m = 3,600 m2
  • Foundations: asphalt

Kaukokiito, Finland

50 x 36 / 5.3 m

Lauri Vähälä, Finland

87 x 34 / 7 m

Freezone, Finland

100 x 40 / 5.9 m

Pelkolan terminaali, Finland

84 x 35 / 6.45 m

Kaukokiito, Finland

69 x 30 / 8 m

Ahola Transport, Finland

121 x 45 / 5.9 m

Structo, Sweden

50,85 x 27.95 / 4.8 m

Kuljetusliike Taipale, Finland

50 x 30 / 5.9 m

Posti, Finland

51 x 28 / 5 m

VR-Yhtymä, Finland

90 x 38 / 7 m

Imatran Veturipalvelu, Finland

150 x 35 / 7 m

Turun Vapaavarasto, Finland

85 x 40 / 5 m