Membrane cladded buildings

Steel framed buildings with membrane cladding combine durability with good looks

Best-Hall’s PVC-covered steel-framed building offers a spectrum of possibilities for your business. The framework can withstand time, weather conditions and relocation, as well as the critical gaze of the aesthete. A long life cycle, first-class durability and flexible adaptability made Best-Hall the ideal operating premises for you to boost your business efficiency over the long term.

Thanks to the adaptable nature of the space and the diverse range of accessories, Best-Hall building is suitable for use as production and warehousing premises, as well as for sports and events. Contact us and request a quote for a building tailored to your own needs!

Agricultural building for production and warehousing

Best-Hall offers a cost-effective, long-lasting, 100-per-cent-Finnish
option to suit the special requirements of agriculture. Common uses for our buildings include barns, flat silos, machinery shelters, dry manure stores and premises for the fur industry.

The PVC covering material ensures light, pleasant working conditions inside the building. The internal areas are built spaciously without being obstructed by supporting columns, making it easy to work with machinery and enabling the use of the premises to be freely planned.

Safeguard the productivity of your premises

Simple adaptability
The building has the flexibility to keep up with any changes in production and operations. It can be easily adapted to new uses or for re-sale. If necessary, the entire building can be moved to a new location to make usage and logistics more efficient.

Accessories in accordance with your requirements
The Best-Hall building is tailored so it precisely meets your individual needs. For example, farms that produce meat and dairy products can divide the premises into different sections with thermal insulation and temperature control designed in accordance with the requirements for cattle and milking systems.

If you need an animal shelter, one can be built using normal PVC fabric and netting. The building can be equipped with sliding doors or traditional doors and ventilation can be based on electrical systems or natural air circulation.


Kopsala farm

A Best-Pihatto (Best-Barn) hybrid building was completed in early 2015. The total head count in this barn is approaching 130. As no supporting columns are required inside the hall, the 1,500-square-metre barn is very spacious.

  • Hall type: unheated barn
  • Site: Toholampi, Finland
  • Dimensions: 60 x 24 / 3.5 m
  • Foundations: concrete
  • Other solutions: partial insulation, roof partly made from transparent PVC fabric, end walls made from sandwich panels, side walls with ventilation netting, guttering at the gables
Kopsalan Best-Pihatto


In 2013, Best-Hall supplied two buildings erected to protect flat silos measuring 100 metres and 50 metres. The customer found the large sizes of the structures to be challenging with regard to factors such as strength calculations and rapid construction. Additionally, in the flat landscape of Ostrobothnia, it was necessary to account for special requirements due to wind loads, as well as for snow loads. “The Halsua sports building made by Best-Hall has been standing proud for almost half a century now. I know of a few other large buildings made by the same manufacturer,” says Uusitalo, an entrepreneur in several fields.

The project began in spring and the larger building was completed before the first harvest. The smaller building was completed in three weeks in August. The colour scheme of the buildings was harmonised with the traditional Nordic landscape and the stylish appearance was finished with retrofitted guttering.

The customer has been satisfied with the end result – with good reason. The building has remained in good condition throughout freezing winters and summer heat waves. Thanks to the translucent covering, no additional lighting is needed when working, even on cloudy days. “And it is an added plus that the building can be quickly dismantled and taken to the next place,” says Uusitalo.

  • Hall type: 2 flat silos
  • Site: Kannus, Finland
  • Dimensions: 100 x 25 / 8 m and 48 x 25 / 8 m
  • Foundations: concrete
  • Other solutions: roof and gable end windows made from transparent PVC fabric, guttering

Hallen-Plan GmbH, Switzerland

In 2008, Best-Hall supplied a production building for Hallen-Plan GmbH, a company based in Switzerland. The building functions as a barn and it does not require mechanical ventilation as some of the walls were made from netting and a ventilation opening was made in the ridge of the roof along the entire length of the building. The delivery did not include doors because the customer wanted to install the necessary rolling doors and sliding doors itself.

Peter Häfliger from Hallen-Plan GmbH states that Best-Hall’s solution offers good premises for agriculture in terms of working technology and occupational health. “As there are no columns obstructing the barn building, we can organise the floor plan in any way we want. We can use the building flexibly for different functions. Clear visibility helps us to keep track of animals. There are also no structures in the building that would prevent us from using a front-loader on the tractor.”

According to Häfliger, the building has promoted the well-being of the animals on the cattle farm in Schötz. “Thanks to efficient ventilation and natural light, the cows remain healthier and milk production and fertility have improved. A good building means lower veterinary costs for us.”

The building was inexpensive in terms of building costs because a floating concrete base was all that was needed. “The building will quickly pay for itself,” believes Häfliger.

  • Hall type: production building
  • Site: Schötz, Switzerland
  • Dimensions: 48 x 26.7 / 4 m
  • Foundations: floating concrete base
  • Other solutions: red cover fabric, black netting structure, ventilation opening, partly white roof

TOKO-Agro.s.r.o., Czech Republic

  • Hall type: machine exhibition building
  • Site: Czech Republic
  • Dimensions: 90 x 42 / 5 m


  • Hall type: machine shelter
  • Site: Himanka, Finland
  • Dimensions: 50 x 20 / 5.5 m


  • Hall type: exhibition building
  • Site: Oripää, Finland
  • Dimensions: 81 x 30 / 4 m