Best-Hall history in pictures

Best-Hall Oy was founded in 1975 at Kruunupyy, which is in Central Ostrobothnia. The company was founded by a group of three friends who decided to look for a more durable alternative for the traditional air domes.   In the beginning, we worked on contract work during the days, and built our own premises during the nights.
Three years after the company was founded, Best-Hall moved to Kälviä, next to Kajaanintie road. The business remained relatively small, and the management of the company participated in all the phases of the work - from sales to installation.    
As was usual in the 1980s, export was first directed to the Soviet Union, lacking in equipment but not in workforce. Cranes and traces were replaced with soldiers and electric wires.    Later, the export operations were expanded to the Nordic countries, and via them, to the rest of Europe. In addition, we operated in the Middle East, of which the 58-page booklet called the "interpreter", containing the most important expressions and numbers in Arabic, bears witness. 
The year 1993 was a milestone for quality: Best-Hall was the first Finnish hall manufacturer to utilise the ISO 9001:2000 quality system.     Since the middle of the 1990s, the share of export in the Best-Hall operations has increased steadily: export now makes up half of the company's turnover. 
Best-Hall has been a part of the Wiklöf Group since 1997. Between 1990 and 2010, the company has grown and expanded their operations.     
In the 2010s, Best-Hall has developed their hall design: in addition to CAD design, we are now also using 3D modelling.