• New ice skating arena to Norway

    Best-Hall will deliver a massive building to cover an ice-stadium in Kristiansund Norway. The size of the building is approximately 13 000 square meters. The design and engineering have started and the building will be finished by the beginning of September.
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  • A new Best-Hall building for Airbus in France

    A new Best-Hall building will be serving as showroom for Airbus customers. The aircraft in construction will be brought to the Best-Hall building to be presented to the customers.
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  • Sportshall to United States

    Best-Hall delivers a sportshall to Massachusetts, US. The building is loaded this week and the containers will be shipped before Christmas. The building should be ready for the athletes within the following 6 months.
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  • Best-Hall covers also parts of new A320 aircrafts

    In spring 2015 Best-Hall built a storage building for Airbus A320 aircraft parts. The building is 75 meters long and 30 meters wide with 9,5 meters height on the sides. The building enables storing massive aircraft body parts protected from challenging weather conditions of western coast of France.
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